Thu. Jul 29th, 2021
    World Chess Free TON

    World Chess Company specializes in the commercialization of chess and all kinds of events related to the game. World Chess is the official partner of FIDE – the International Chess Federation. World Chess is the federation’s online gaming platform. World Chess, rewarded with 4,000,000 TONs, undertakes to integrate and promote Free TON within its ecosystem. Each TON will pay off and here’s why.

    Chess is part of the virtual intellectual lifestyle. According to statistics, over 600 million adults of the planet play chess (real and virtual). A huge real chess army with active steps (or rather, clicks) moves into the virtual world. The world chess community is looking for an opportunity to provide this audience with the most diverse platform for realizing their goals. In addition, it is important to ensure the safety and preservation of information. Naturally, the blockchain structure is best suited for this. It is impossible to change, steal, hide or in any other way harm the blocks of information stored in the blockchain registry.

    World Chess, as a Free TON partner, offers its players a lot of opportunities:

    – online games on chess websites with the ability to save a player’s rating, base of games played, and more. It’s an easy way to access any chess site – through one account;

    – online games for the official rating, for example, the FIDE rating;

    – the opportunity to participate in tournaments held by the owners of chess services, as a rule, famous clubs;

    – access to master classes, online analysis of famous games, etc.

    In addition, the Free TON chess platform enables paid transactions. For example, paying for a subscription to platform services or tournament fee.


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