Fri. Dec 31st, 2021
    Women, Blockchain

    The contribution of women in the blockchain landscape can’t go unnoticed. In this article, we review the top 6 women leading in the blockchain ecosystem. The selection is based on their level of contribution to the tech industry.

    Women’s role in the progress of mankind and society at large is unquestionable. So it’s no doubt that the world marks International Women’s Day on March 8th every year to celebrate the spirit of womanhood in various economic, cultural, social, and political achievements.

    As everyone calls for accelerating the global initiatives towards attaining gender equality, it’s reasonable to consider women’s role in the blockchain. Besides, as the blockchain ecosystem is rapidly growing, it’s important to pay attention to the involvement of women in blockchain, especially those that strive to ensure the sustainability and long-term growth of the blockchain sector.

    Blockchain technology is transforming the world in many different areas, such as healthcare, finance, and cyber security. But the majority of the professionals in this technology are male. However, there are significantly fewer influential women in the blockchain world.

    Change is Inevitable — Blockchain Isn’t a Boys’ Club Anymore

    A 2019 report by Coin.Dance revealed that only 5% of all individuals actively engaged in the Bitcoin community are female. In 2017, a mere 15% of tech professionals were female, while only 5% were at board level.

    Interestingly, another study indicated that 43% of investors engrossed in Bitcoin are women, up from 13% in 2018 — and the number is actively increasing. The figures are changing as more women are venturing into the blockchain. For example, a report by CoinMarketCap released on April 30, 2020, suggests that the number of women in the blockchain space has increased by 43.24% in the first quarter of 2020.

    Though more needs to be done to achieve gender equality, there are many women currently leading groundbreaking developments in blockchain. It’s no longer a boys’ club anymore. Here are some of the influential names worth knowing at the moment.

    Women at the Forefront in the Blockchain Industry

    Rebecca Liao

    Top of the list is Rebecca Liao, who has achieved great strides in blockchain and business excellence. Currently, Rebecca is the COO and Co-founder at Skuchain, a transcending blockchain firm revolutionizing trade and supply chain management. She was recognized as the World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer for 2019.

    Under her leadership, the World Trade Organization named Skuchain one of the top 3 blockchain firms in trade and supply chain finance. Also, the company grew to more than $5 billion in annual volume. Also, she is a regular contributor in the Financial Times, The Atlantic, Huffington Post, and New York Times, where she talks about technology, including blockchain.

    Alisa DiCaprio

    Another woman of influence in blockchain is Alisa DiCaprio. Currently, she serves as the Head of Trade and Supply Chain for R3. She is responsible for trade strategies, standards, and governance design, while building out finance, logistics, and mobility. At the Asian Development Bank, she led initiatives for regional integration, trade finance, innovation, and the digital economy, especially blockchain. 

    Above all, Alisa boosts her experience in the private and public sectors for promotion of exports, labor matters, trade, and execution of development projects. Due to her good records in leading enterprise projects and active participation in blockchain, Alisa finds her name among women leading in blockchain today.

    Wendy Henry

    Wendy Henry is also another name hitting the airwaves when talking about notable women in blockchain. As the Managing Director and Government and Public Service (GPS) Blockchain Lead at Deloitte, she conveys her vast experience guiding customers to enhance business value.

    Wendy involves herself in making clients comprehend emerging technologies and their applicability in the business environment to achieve maximum value. Presently, Wendy is assisting many clients to implement blockchain and discover opportunities for attaining value through the use of blockchain in the GPS practice of Deloitte.

    Rachel Wolfson

    With her excellent skills in Journalism and English, Rachel Wolfson makes it among the prominent women in blockchain. She is an editorial professional and regularly writes on crypto and blockchain topics for Forbes. Additionally, she hosts a podcast titled ‘The Crypto Chick’ that discusses blockchain. She has been recognized by Next Web to be among the top women endeavoring to revolutionize the crypto industry.

    Emmanuelle Ganne

    Emmanuel Ganne makes it on the list of influential females in the blockchain industry because of her blockchain-related work with the World Trade Organization (WTO). She is a senior analyst and global trade expert in the economic research department of WTO.

    Her primary work in blockchain entails transport and logistics, trade finance, intellectual property, and border procedures. Being a blockchain enthusiast, she has authored a book ‘Can Blockchain Revolutionize International Trade?’ among other peer-reviewed blockchain articles.

    Genevieve Leveille

    To complete the list of the top 6 women in the blockchain is Genevieve Leveille. Her innovative entrepreneurial traits make her stand out as a leading woman in the blockchain. Currently, Genevieve is the CEO at Agriledger, a blockchain systems provider in the agriculture sector, aiming to reform supply and value chains in agriculture globally by using distributed ledger technology, a crucial blockchain feature.

    Additionally, Genevieve serves as InnovatorsBox advisory board member and as the Co-Chair for Distributed Ledger Technologies Working Group at techUK. Also, she is a mentor for the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC) incubator program.


    Women are playing an essential role in the blockchain space. I believe that the effect of the blockchain technology will positively impact many sectors, and therefore, women are contemplated to play a critical role in accelerating the blockchain transformation. Therefore, the future of women in blockchain looks bright, with many women expected to join the space.