Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

    Staking can bring from 5% to 20% of annual profit.

    Options And Terms Of Withdrawal Of Funds

    Depending on the type of staking, the terms of withdrawal of funds also differ.

    1. Instant withdrawal. When tokens get into custodial staking immediately after topping up the app, they can be withdrawn instantly, too. Just transfer them to the address of another wallet, and this amount will be withdrawn from the staking.
    2. After the end of the validation cycle. In the non-custodial staking process, funds are locked for a validation cycle. After requesting the withdrawal of funds, the cycle time must expire, and then they will return to the user’s wallet.

    How to withdraw funds from staking

    Withdrawal differs from service to service, but the principle itself is the same: click “Withdraw from stake” in non-custodial staking, or just use the funds in custodial. Wait for the tokens to appear on balance.