Wed. Jun 16th, 2021
Free TON Wiki

Wiki Subgovernance presented the results of its activities, reported expenses and justified the need to increase the budget for the next three months.

Goals that have already been achieved

According to the report, all the tasks set at the beginning of the past period were successfully implemented. Among the qualitative indicators, the following are mentioned:

  1. The Wiki fully functions as a Subgovernance run by the community and members.
  2. A customer support service is working.
  3. Guides have been written for quickly applying for Wiki-contests.
  4. Communication between authors and translators has been established to resolve work issues.
  5. A quality control service for articles and translations has been created.

Among the main quantitative indicators of its activities, the Subgovernance cites the following:

  • 13 new members of the Subgovernance;
  •  230 new community members;
  • 20 languages;
  • more than 640 articles;
  • 20 new active authors and translators;
  • 39,600 TON rewards paid to authors.

Team performance results can be seen directly on the Free TON Wiki project page. The coverage of topics describing how blockchain works, as well as the number of languages in which you can read about it has significantly increased. Informational support and the adaptation of the material for different regions of the world helps to promote Free TON, as well as the implementation of its fundamental principle — decentralization.

In addition, technically Wiki is now a modern mediawiki engine (for example wikipedia) with a mobile-friendly design.

Reasons for the budget increase

First of all, the above-listed achievements indicate the need to increase funds on the Subgovernance account. In particular, many new authors and translators joined, and the number of materials have multiplied. To be able to continue to further develop dynamically, it is necessary to increase the amount of the budget. The Subgovernance requested 315 550 TON for the next 3 months of work and the application was approved by the community.

It is worth noting that the Wiki team met the wishes of the community members and presented a transparent and detailed costing. You can see not only common items, but also how much did individual authors get.


The Subgovernance promises that they will continue to publish information on how much and to whom will be paid from the share of the administrative budget, taking into account their contributions in the project. A good example of demonstrating reporting for other Free TON Subgovernance as well.


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