Tue. Jan 4th, 2022
    Zk-SNARKS Free TON

    The zk-SNARKs system has proven itself in the field of cryptocurrencies. With its help, the owners prove that they are the owners of a certain set of data without disclosing the data itself.

    Some experts consider it impractical to use it due to its computational complexity. However, the opportunities offered by the introduction of zk-SNARKs make it attractive to platforms that are trying to attract users with a safe operating principle.

    What the abbreviation zk-SNARKs means

    For a user not familiar with the principles of cryptography, zk-SNARKs is an incomprehensible set of characters. However, there is a certain meaning behind this.

    Zk (Zero Knowledge) means: “I know that you know that I know”. The proving party by its actions must convince the verifier that it knows a certain “secret”, which the verifier itself knows. There is little chance that the prover can guess this “secret.” However, during subsequent checks by the verifier, it will become clear that what was passed off as knowing the “secret” is not true. This gives confidence that the operation will be carried out only if both parties know the “secret”.

    A similar principle of operation is used in areas not related to blockchain platforms. For example, when registering a bank card, we report a certain secret code word. When trying to unblock the card after repeatedly entering the wrong PIN-code, the bank employee will ask us for the specified secret code word. If we answer correctly, the bank employee will unblock the card. At the same time, the employee does not need to know how much money is in our bank account or to whom and when we made transfers. This is the zero knowledge principle.

    S (Succinct) – Free TON platform offers its users the ability to increase the scalability of processes and the speed of operations. Therefore, simplifying authentication is important. With zk-SNARKs, the scan speed is milliseconds.

    N (Non-Interactive) – from the point of view of scalability and security, it is better to avoid the prover and verifier being online at the same time to verify the proof – they should not be interactive.

    ARK (Argument of Knowledge) – an opportunity for the proving party to convince the verifier that there is some information that can be accessed without disclosing the information itself.

    Why zk-SNARKS is important for Free TON

    In open blockchain networks, as in centralized platforms like Facebook or Google, user actions are recorded. They are not only easily tracked, but also recorded for the purpose of selling or generating some indirect profit.

    In contrast to this, Free TON platform offers users the implementation of zk-SNARKs system, which provides not only the speed and scalability of the transactions, but also decentralization, which means confidentiality and independence.

    Considering the principles of operation of zk-SNARKs, we can conclude that the implementation of this system allows Free TON users to perform transactions on the platform with verification of opportunities for obtaining information, but at the same time without disclosing the information itself.


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