Tue. Jan 4th, 2022
    Free TON OS

    In April 2020, TON Labs announced the release of TON OS, an operating system for the Free TON blockchain. TON Labs presents its product as an operating system – an intermediary between the user and the platform. If we consider the blockchain as a distributed computer, then the operating system is necessary for the interaction between the user and the computer, using its capabilities to solve user problems. At the same time, TON OS is not an operating system in the classical sense – it is an add-on application that allows you to access the Free TON blockchain from any device.

    This development makes it easier for the user to manage blockchain data. Previously, the environment was available to a narrower circle of developers. Currently, thanks to open source code, it has been refined and improved for use by a wider audience.

    If we consider a classic operating system as a set of services, then we can distinguish the main processes:

    – memory management;

    – processor control;

    – device management;

    – file processing;

    – security processing;

    – performance control;

    – the process of accounting and processing;

    – detection and processing of errors;

    – synchronization with other users and software.

    The listed services acquired software solutions based on TON OS. The TON operating system is built on the basis of Smart Contracts – they are the analogs of classic OS programs. Smart Contracts have different purposes, therefore the TON operating system has quite wide blockchain management capabilities. Open source allows you to constantly refine them.

    Thus, working with a blockchain resembles working with a regular computer. The difference is that the computing platform is spread across multiple physical devices. Each of these devices is used to create, store and process data blocks, while the user may not cover most of the interaction processes between them, but manage the blockchain through the TON OS interface. At the same time, the system has a high level of security – attempts of unauthorized access to data are identified, recorded and verified using specialized Security Smart Contracts.


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