Wed. Jul 28th, 2021
    DeFi #14, Free TON, Meetup

    The meetup is dedicated to bridge implementation contests, StableCoin contest and DeX implementation contest. The issue of paying extra prizes was also discussed.

    Free TON DeFi Weekly Call #14

    Bridge Implementation Contests

    Vladislav Ponomarev says that they have finally launched contests for the implementation of PolkaDot and Ethereum bridges. The contest for stablecoin design and architecture has also been launched. All of them will run until mid-January. The jury will have three weeks to vote. The contest for DEX implementation is also on its way.

    DEX implementation and Stablecoins contests

    Vladimir Maslyakov announces the launch of the stablecoin contest. He invited several teams to participate in it. In this regard, it became necessary to postpone the DEX contest, since participation in both would be difficult for teams. The sub-governance agreed that the launch of the DEX contest should be postponed for some time. 

    Vladislav proposes to launch it on January 5, so that everyone who wants to participate in the stablecoin contest has the opportunity to finish their work, and then move to the DEX implementation contest.

    Bitcoin bridge design proposal

    Vladislav says that the contest for bitcoin and bitcoin cash bridge was recently published. It won’t be launched this year, but Vladislav asks everyone to look through it and provide some feedback.

    Payout of extra prizes 

    Vladislav hopes to complete calculations for the payment of extra prizes to the winners of the design contest as soon as possible, they will be sent to the payment group for confirmation after that.

    Updates from team

    A simple two-way message went from Free TON to the substrate based chain. Alexei, project manager of team, asks other teams to review the code base.

    At the moment, the team is finalizing the code base, getting the documentation ready and preparing tests. After that, it is planned to pass the information — the docker images, which include a substrate-based node, a relay node, and separately all smart contracts that are necessary to implement the protocol. The code will be published on GitHub next week. A demo of a simple two-way message passing from one chain to another is scheduled for next Thursday.

    Will the DEX implementation consist of developing some kind of application or just the design of that application or service and functions?

    Participants will need to show some DeBot implementation so that judges can check the work of smart contracts. We will not require some application implementation, as this will not show the strong sides of the implementation. There is no point in judging work by the front-end. The back-end must of course have some interface, hopefully the DeBot interface.  

    Mitya expresses hope that DeBot will become an integral part of all contests for smart contacts. External interfaces like NFC and others will be added to DeBot so that the browser can work with hardware wallets, etc.