Sat. Nov 27th, 2021
    DeFi #13, Free TON, Meetap

    The meetup is dedicated to the DEX implementation contest update, stablecoin contest update, bridges implementation update. The issues of increasing the jury rewards, evaluating the effectiveness of sub-governances and judges and improving the quality of voting were discussed.

    Free TON DeFi Weekly Call #13

    DEX implementation contest update

    Vladimir Maslyakov says that due to the large number of submissions for StableCoin and DEX contests, it may be necessary to slightly expand the time frame: devote another week to specifications and launch the contest as quickly as possible so that participants can start drafting their proposals. 

    Vladislav Ponomarev reminds that it is necessary to publish the proposal on the forum in order to provide the participants with the opportunity to view and comment on it. If all goes well, the DEX contest will be launched next week.

    StableCoin contest update

    Vladimir Maslyakov announces the completion of the stablecoin contest proposal. The first stage of implementation has been made as wide as possible and is ready for publication on the blockchain. Vladimir says that it is necessary to launch the stablecoin contest as soon as possible. There is a very strong team that is ready to take part in the contest.

    Mitja suggests extending the contest to four weeks.

    Bridges implementation update

    Vladislav Ponomarev says that the PolkaDot implementation contest was successfully launched this week. An Ethereum implementation contest proposal has also been developed and will be published today. It is very similar to the PolkaDot’s proposal.

    Extra rewards

    The extra rewards contest is over. Vladislav will prepare a payout table and send it to the payment group for confirmation. All rewards will be distributed among the winners next week.

    The analytics and support group has launched a process to assess the efficiency of all subgovernances and judges. Due to the large budget, the DeFi sub-governance was one of the first to be noticed.

    Vladislav draws attention to the fact that it is very important to help the analytics and support group and show the high effectiveness of DeFi sub-governance.

    Jurors reward

    Vladislav says that in the initial proposal jurors reward is indicated at 2%, but this percentage can be increased if necessary. He reminds all jury members to contact the participants personally if they have any questions. In case a jury member realizes his incompetence, he needs to go to the management interface, enter the key and select “abstain” for each application. Vladislav expresses the hope that increasing the number of jury members will help reduce the number of abstentions.