Sun. Nov 28th, 2021
    Validator Giver

    The Validator, giving awards to the participants of the Magister Ludi Contest has received community permission to borrow 250 000 000 TON Crystals from referrals.

    The need for a loan arose from the fact that the winners of the contest were supposed to receive 71 387 363 TON Crystals, while  there were only 46 656 028.03 on the Validator Giver account.

    The  tokens borrowed, just like those already owned by the organizers, will be spent on rewards to the winners of the contest and the Magister Ludi’s planned subsidy payment.

    In addition to the funds needed to fulfill contest obligations, the Validator Giver received at its disposal an amount which can be used in response to the possible changes in validation. 

    The loan is expected to be paid back to referrals in two years.

    Validator Giver

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