Sun. Jan 2nd, 2022
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    User experience (UX) — the skill of user interaction with a product, system, or service and the horizon of user perception of the product principles. Includes a person’s perception of the utility, ease of use, and efficiency of the product. More generally, all the components of the end-user interaction with the company, its goods, and services.

    The interest in UX was a result of the expansion of Internet technology and was originally related to the design of websites. It was noted that the attractiveness, traffic, and usability of the site depend directly on the ease of use. A positive user experience creates strong user habits that can then be transferred to all products of the same type. Usability ultimately becomes one of the most important factors determining the competitive advantage of a product.

    At the current stage of society’s development, the digitalization of everyday life has led to the displacement of the problem of human interaction with the computer in almost all spheres of human activity. This makes the development of user experience one of the tools to improve the quality of life.