Thu. Jul 29th, 2021
    Twicy game, Free TON, TON Crystal

    Gambling, with its prospect of getting rich quickly, has always attracted fans. Following the people, games leaked to the Internet, and, in turn, modern technologies penetrated the gaming industry: gambling based on smart contracts appeared.

    Integrity Control on the Blockchain

    The use of blockchain in the gaming industry increases the credibility in its gambling part. It is difficult to control how honest an ordinary casino is with its customers, and in an online casino on the blockchain, a player can view the history of the last winning numbers at any time and determine whether there is any fraud. Smart contracts cannot be forged or hacked.

    It is also important that a crypto wallet can be created anonymously. And the winnings from gambling that will go to it are extremely difficult to track and tax.

    Many online casinos have been developed on the blockchain, where you can play roulette, dice, blackjack, slot machines. Sports betting, lotteries — everything is available on platforms based on smart contracts.

    At the same time, according to, the most popular gambling in terms of revenue for smart contracts per day is a dice game.

    Twicy: The Point of the Game

    On the Free TON blockchain forum in December, the launch of the first gambling platform, Twicy, was announced

    The point of the game Twicy is simple: each player sends TON Crystal to the account specified in the game description from his TON Surf wallet and, strictly in turn, receives them back in doubled size. Except for the 5% — commission that the developer keeps. The winnings can be increased by 5% by specifying the ID of another player in the comments when sending Crystals.

    There is a warning that the terms for returning tokens may be longer than you planned and expected.

    Initially, the bid was limited to a minimum of 10 TON Crystal. In the future, this number was fixed by the only possible bet, but, which can be made an unlimited number of times. 

    During the game, a bug was found and fixed in the code. Players were paid 5 TONs as compensation.

    Twicy: To Play or Not to Play?

    On the community forum on December 15, 2020, there was a very heated discussion about how quickly double Crystals are returned, players exchanged addresses to increase their winnings. Often in the messages there were screenshots of wallets, demonstrating how in less than an hour after sending the Crystals, a doubled amount came back to the account. The questions of where to get the Crystals to participate in the game were also relevant.

    ВиталийДжа pointed out in his message to an important point:

    You can’t lose if there are new arrivals.

    game Twicy, first opinion from the forum

    And already on December 16, thoughts began to appear that the Twicy game is a kind of “Ponzi scheme”:

    game Twicy, Free TON, Ponzi scheme

    Further, most of the messages are related to the fact that the doubling queue is moving very slowly or even stands still. This was due, among other things, to the ability to make large bets immediately after the launch of the game. On December 19, the developers fixed a bug and fixed the bet at 10 Crystals.

    On the forum, participants reacted enthusiastically to such changes and began to expect a greater influx of bets. There were proposals to advertise the Twicy game for an influx of new deposits and an early return of tokens. This was mentioned, for example, by Felar21:

    Advertisement for Twicy, Free TON

    However, the influx of bets into the game stopped, as a result, payments also stopped.

    Current account status:

    account details

    As can be seen from the transcript of the participant’s account, there have been no serious payments since January 2, and about 3,000 TON Crystal are frozen on his account.

    And despite this, there are still people who want to double their tokens!

    Of course, as in any financial pyramid scheme, Twicy’s first contributors managed to get their income and were satisfied. And it is absolutely predictable that the lack of new revenues to the account has brought down this pyramid.

    For the sake of excitement and entertainment, you can risk your tokens in the Twicy game or similar. You just need to understand that the profitability of 100% and higher, which the developers of gambling can promise, is a sign that with a high probability you will not receive either the invested money or income at all. Of course, unless you are among the first to get into the game. How risky are you?!