Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
    TON Crystal SIGEN

    We have great news – TON Crystal can be traded on the SIGEN platform.

    SIGEN.pro is a trading platform registered in Scotland in 2015. The company operates all over the world. This year, due to the general growth of interest in cryptocurrencies, the company has significantly increased its trade turnover – 1300% in September.

    SIGEN is a convenient and modern tool for cryptocurrency transactions with a minimum commission and an efficient withdrawal mechanism. Escrow and Social Trust Scoring technologies guarantee transactions with a high degree of security. SIGEN offers users a convenient multicurrency crypto-wallet and a mobile application with wide functionality. SIGEN technical support works around the clock and allows you to quickly solve problems. The company’s website is multilingual and available in 20 languages, including Russian, English and Chinese.

    Various options are available to users:

    – P2P platform for buying cryptocurrency for fiat money;

    – automatic exchanger for the prompt exchange of cryptocurrencies at the current rate;

    – exchange platform for performing classic exchange transactions and making money on rate fluctuations.

    The latter option is of great interest to the Free TON community. The following cryptocurrencies are currently available for trading on the platform:

    – PRIZM (PZM) is a cryptocurrency based on ParaMining technology;

    – UMI is a cryptocurrency with no commission transfers and the possibility of offline transactions;

    – BitCoin (BTC) is perhaps the most famous open source cryptocurrency;

    – LiteCoin (LTC) is a popular cryptocurrency based on BitCoin technology;

    – Ethereum (ETH) is a currency for making deals based on smart-contracts;

    – TON Crystal (TON) is the cryptocurrency of the Free TON blockchain.

    From October 12, 2020, TON Crystal is available for trading on the SIGEN platform. SIGEN provides opportunities for both TON Crystal exchange trading paired with bitcoin, and buying and selling for fiat money on the P2P platform. In addition, TON Crystal has been added to the automatic exchanger, which allows you to convert currency to Bitcoin, US dollar or Russian ruble with one click.

    Immediately after the placement of the new cryptocurrency, negative reviews and allegations of fraud began to arrive at SIGEN. Therefore, the company posted information with a clear and transparent description of its activities, using real facts, legal data, as well as information from the media. Many members of the Free TON community are worried about possible fraud on the part of the company. However, SIGEN is one of the top five exchanges to start trading TON. Experts assess the prospects for the launch of the new currency as favorable and indicate that negative reviews may well come from competitors.

    On the day of the current review, the volume of the Free TON cryptocurrency traded on SIGAN was about 14,000 Crystal, and the sell rate was USD 1.15 per TON. The exchange rate of TON for bitcoin fell by 36%. Since the appearance of the currency, its selling rate fluctuated from USD 4.03 to USD 0.69. Due to the novelty of the coin, its rate will fluctuate significantly until the market determines the value of TON Crystal.


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