Sat. Jan 1st, 2022

    The wave of hype about Non-Fungible Token is on the decrease, but the technology remains fundamental and a huge number of projects are launching or have already been launched. We have compiled an overview of the most interesting, in our opinion, projects with NFT technology.

    First Area: NFT Art

    A relatively recent project is a marketplace from one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance. Binance NFT users have the opportunity to participate in the first premium auction called Genesis: buy works released under the 100 Creators program and trade unique tokens on the marketplace.

    By purchasing certain works of famous Creators, you will receive a digital product that will belong only to you and no one else. You have the exclusive right to this object, to sell it or donate it, and even to destroy it — the rich have their own quirks! 

    What can you buy? For example, Andy Warhol’s Three Self-Portraits or Salvador Dali’s Divine Comedy: Rebirth.


    Ukrainian rap artist Potap and singer Tina Karol, Russian artists Misha Most and Pokras Lampas, and rapper Allj will release their works on the Marketplace as part of the 100 Creators program.

    Platforms For Art Objects

    Besides Binance, auctions for virtual art objects are held by such platforms as:

    SuperRare is one of the first platforms. For rare (1\1) editions of digital works. The high average quality of works and prices. Pre-moderation.

    NiftyGateway is a top platform for crypto art. They like mass drops when one work is sold in several copies and separately — VIP version 1\1 — for even more money. It is this platform that organizes most of the largest sales in terms of revenue. Beeple sold $3.5 million worth of works on NiftyGateway in one weekend (though he had painted them for 13 years). Strict pre-moderation.

    Foundation is a young, pre-moderated boutique platform.

    Rarible is the most democratic platform. Anyone can release (i.e., tokenize) their work. Rarible is not only for crypto art. It’s a marketplace for any NFT.

    OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace in general and crypto art in particular. Mostly secondary sales are made on OpenSea. But they have everything to tokenize their work. It’s just a little less convenient to promote them on OpenSea. But, if you rely on your subscribers, OpenSea is a great choice.

    Have You Heard Of Banksy?

    The blockchain company Injective Protocol will sell the burned work of the artist Banksy called “Morons (White)”, which was converted into an NFT token. CBS reported this. The token will be put up for auction, where it will be possible to place a bid in cryptocurrency. Earlier, Injective Protocol purchased a black-and-white painting from the Taglialatella Gallery in New York for $95 thousand.


    The annihilation of the work was performed at an unknown location in Brooklyn and was broadcast on YouTube and Twitter. After the painting was burned, the blockchain company created a non-fungible token tied to the “digital image of the art object”.

    This is the first known case of turning a physically existing work of art into a virtual asset. Mirza Uddin, spokesman of Injective Protocol

    Second Area: Sports In NFT

    Olympic Games

    The International Olympic Committee has partnered with video game developer nWay to release a collection of non-fungible tokens featuring Olympic pins.


    The NFT pins went on sale on June 17. The nWay website has opened access to sets of tokens at a price from $9 to $499, depending on the rarity. And you can also buy a virtual “box” where you get one card at random.

    In 2021, it is planned to launch a P2P platform where collectors will be able to trade and exchange NFT. For the 2022 Winter Olympics in Paris, nWay will release a video game in which players will be able to get free digital pins.

    EURO 2020

    The Sorare blockchain platform, together with the German Football Association (DFB), will issue NFT cards with images of members of the national football team at Euro 2020.


    The Global Fantasy Football platform allows you to buy, sell and exchange cards, as well as use them in virtual football teams of users.

    NFTs track the performance of players in real life — the indicator affects the value of tokens. The price of the cards also depends on the position of the national team in the EURO 2020 standings.

    Sorare’s mission is to build a “game within a game”. At the moment, the platform has concluded cooperation with over 140 football clubs around the world, including Zenit, Juventus, and Paris Saint-Germain.

    NBA Top Shots

    The first case for creating NFT cards was the NBA.

    NBA Top Shot is a repository of spectacular and significant episodes of NBA matches, packaged in collectible sets, each with a different starting price based on stats.


    You can add different sets of cards to the collection: common, rare, and legendary. 

    On January 25, 2021, the NBA Top Shot star Zion Williamson’s digital collectible card sold for $100,000, a record price. A few hours later, several cards from the collection of the Los Angeles Lakers star, LeBron James, were also sold, and also at a maximum price of about $100,000.

    Third Area: Real Estate In NFT

    The first case in the history of real estate transactions was the case of a Ukrainian crypto investor who sold his apartment in Kyiv for 36 ETH (more than $93,000 at the time of the transaction), as ownership as an NFT token.

    Along with the ownership, the buyer received a non-fungible token of a painting by the popular Kyiv graffiti artist Chizz, the real version of which is on the wall of the apartment.


    The auction was held using the Propy platform. So far, this is her only case for selling real estate using NFT technology, but it received such a wide response that it may soon “to be continued”.

    Fourth Area: Tickets For Events

    FC Dynamo Kyiv

    This football club will be the first sports club to launch regular sales of NFTs as match tickets. Fans will be able to purchase non-fungible tokens on the Binance NFT marketplace ​at the end of June 2021.

    With the support of U.S. blockchain partner Moonwalk, Dynamo will create a digital economy that includes a large-scale token ecosystem. The project is currently under development.

    After buying a token on the Binance NFT marketplace, fans will be able to get a ticket to the match, exclusive prizes, bonuses, and experience, using the Moonwalk-based digital wallet on the Dynamo website.

    Atlas Weekend Music Festival

    And again tickets, and again Ukraine. The Atlas Weekend festival has been held annually in Kyiv since 2015 and is considered one of the most iconic music events in the country. Over the years, such Ukrainian and foreign performers as Boombox, The Hardkiss, Antityla, Verka Serduchka, Alyona Alyona, 5’nizza, ONUKA, The Prodigy, Black Eyed Peas, Kasabian, Placebo, The Chainsmokers, John Newman took part in it.


    This year’s event will take place from July 5-11, 2021, with ticket sales starting July 1 on the Binance NFT platform. They will be available to all users of the exchange. To log in to the NFT marketplace, simply use the username and password to your account on the trading platform.

    Fifth Area: Music In NFT

    American DJ 3LAU became the first musician in the world to sell his album using NFT tokens. The Origin Protocol platform, on which the musician conducted the auction, called the auction historic since it managed to earn $11.6 million.

    On February 25, 33 NFT tokens were put up for sale, to which tracks from the album were linked. The most premium and expensive token allowed 3LAU to order the creation of a track, considering the wishes of its owner. The buyer of the same token received 11 vinyl records, all the songs from the album, and unreleased tracks. The winning bet on the token was $3.66 million.

    Ukrainian rap singer Alyona Alyona has sold the title track from the new Galas album in NFT. The auction was held on the Opensea platform.

    Rapper Allj releases a collection of NFT on the Binance NFT platform: melodies and sounds from the artist’s life. He prudently recorded them for three days, then entrusted them to the artificial intelligence, which processed and compiled them in random order.

    Sixth Area: NFT In Virtual Games

    An ideal application for NFT technology, because many online games have their economy and a market for buying/selling unique items. The technology is especially good where all trade is conducted on the corresponding local marketplace or certain payment systems.

    Alien Worlds

    One of the most popular games in Russia and the world at the time of publication. The essence of the game is to mine Trilium (TLM) cryptocurrency on one of the planets. For mining, you need a plot of land that can be obtained in the game, bought, or rented for a percentage of what is mined on the land.

    A plot of land in the game is one of the types of NFT tokens. Other types of Alien Worlds tokens are Trillium mining tools, weapons for battles with other players, avatars for battles, artifacts.

    NFTs are traded on the WAX blockchain marketplace, as well as Topps MLB tokens. And with a WAX account you can easily log in to both games, and in all WAX games in fact, which are already quite a lot, and will only be more and more in the future.

    Each player is given a free NFT tool for mining — a simple shovel.

    Besides mining Trillium, you can find various NFTs on the plots, if you are lucky. And the percentage of probability of finding an NFT can be calculated in advance, taking into account the characteristics of the tools and the plot.

    NFT prices in this game go up to $105,000.

    Axie Infinity

    The game is a cross between Pokemon, Tamagotchi, and Hearthstone. In the game, you need to grow NFT monsters, which are called Axie. Each Axie has certain characteristics and a unique appearance that are revealed as they grow older. Adult Axies can be crossed with each other for breeding purposes. It costs money to raise and breed Axie, but it pays off as both eggs and adults can be sold at a good margin. With the help of Axie, you can earn by completing tasks and quests, getting into battles against the Axie of other players.

    NFT prices in this game go up to $157,000.

    Seventh Area: NFT In Television And Film

    CNN TV Channel

    CNN followed Fox and Time Magazine into the NFT market, announcing the release of collectible historical moments from the news. CNN’s NFT project is called “Vault by CNN: Moments That Changed Us”.

    The collection will include iconic moments from the history of the channel: space travel, revolutionary technological achievements, and presidential elections of different countries. 

    It is planned to create a platform for the project to buy, store and demonstrate NFTs.

    Film Industry

    The film industry market is estimated at $115 billion. How can we do without NFT here.

    MOVE Network is a crypto project that focuses on movies and TV series. It promises to become one of the world’s largest NFT aggregators.

    MOVE Network, NFT

    The idea of the project is to immortalize in NFT cards favorite scenes from beloved movies and TV series, to shake up the film industry market, which suffered from the pandemic, to give people the opportunity to be involved with the legends of world cinema.

    On May 25, MOVE Network raised $1.5 million in an initial round from SMO Capital, The H Collective, DragonRoark Venture, and Soul Capit.

    Independent filmmakers will also be able to produce their own NFTs, and MOVE’s infrastructure is set to be a lot less expensive than the likes of Ethereum. Daniel Bokun, president and co-founder of MOVE.


    It is obvious that the peak of the hype has passed, and the popularity of the NFT sector is declining, but the technology itself is still unique. Perhaps many companies have yet to implement NFT in their processes, and we will make a new TOP-7 or even TOP-10.