Fri. Dec 31st, 2021
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    How to earn by playing your favorite games? What games are popular at the moment, and where can you earn the most money?

    GameFi — Decentralized gaming finance. Blockchain and NFT projects provide a global marketplace for in-game items. It is possible to monetize absolutely everything related to the game industry at the moment. 

    The most successful genre for introducing blockchain into the game world is strategy. There are plenty of options for monetization: gathering and selling resources, NFT equipment or construction of NFT buildings, etc. Let’s look at the top strategy games you can play right now.

    Beyond the Void

    Beyond the Void is a PC game that combines such genres as MOBA and real-time strategy.

    Incredibly beautiful graphics and an advanced development system can keep you interested in the game for many hours.

    Beyond the Void used a blockchain architecture to store map data, skins, and all account data. The Nexium project token is an Ethereum ERC-20 token. Thanks to it, it became possible to buy and sell the game objects, which are NFT tokens. Nexium can be used in all games on the Nexarium platform. The game is available on Steam.

    Alien World

    Alien World is a metaverse with strategy elements. Its main difference is that Alien World uses three blockchains at once: Ethereum, WAX, and BSC. All basic transactions take place on the WAX blockchain. Trillium (TLM) is the token of this project and is traded on the Binance exchange.

    The main goal of the game is to mine Trillium — a gamified version of mining.

    In-game items are presented as NFT tokens. They can not only be bought but also mined. From time to time, they appear during Trillium mining.

    The Alien World game universe consists of several planets, each representing a separate DAO. The player’s impact on the development of the planet depends directly on the amount of TLM in his wallet.

    Hash Rush 

    Hash Rush is a strategy game that differs from other games because of its staking ability. Players must develop their universe while competing against other players and mining cryptocurrency.

    All financial transactions are done on the Ethereum blockchain. To start the game, you need to purchase an ERC-20 Rush coin token. It can also be earned by completing various missions or mining resources (crystals). Rush coin can be staked to masternode to earn a passive income. The token is traded on many exchanges.


    0xUniverse is also another space strategy game. The game was created by Russian developers 0xGames and is part of a whole blockchain game lineup.

    Monetization is built on resource gathering and its sale for cryptocurrency. To get the necessary resources, you need to capture planets, as well as compete with other players.

    Another game in this lineup is 0xBattleships. In it, you fly a starship and explore the galaxy. To build starships, you also need resources.


    Prospectors is a game from Ukrainian developers.

    The only strategy in the review that is not related to the space theme.

    Real-time strategy. In this game, you can explore new lands and gather resources by building mines. All gathered resources can be exchanged for cryptocurrency. 

    Prospectors differs from the others because it is much more profitable to interact with other players to gather resources, rather than to battle them.

    At the very beginning of the game, you select the country where your game will take place. Whether you choose the snowy Yukon or the green Wild West, the game will keep you interested.

    Galaxy Online

    Galaxy Online is a full-fledged real-time strategy space game. In it you will capture planets, gather resources, join clans and battle other players.

    There is an Arena battle mode, in which players are divided into two teams and must destroy the largest number of enemy ships in a certain amount of time. There are both training arenas and sponsor arenas.

    Before starting the game, you need to choose a universe, which is one of the crypto projects presented in the game. You can use their tokens to buy and sell in-game items. Currently, there are 6 universes available in the game: Minter, FreeTON, Long, Near, Tron, and Decimalchain.

    Monetization of the game is based both on NFT tokens and on the purchase and sale of game items for cryptocurrency. Equipment, necessary resources for development, and individual spacecraft commanders are sold for tokens. NFT tokens are created on the high-speed Free TON blockchain.

    Currently, the elections of candidates for the DAO in Galaxy Online are starting. Any player with a space station and 5,500 votes on his account can become a candidate for governance membership.

    Those candidates who pass will become some kind of warlords or emperors who make responsible decisions on the development of their galaxies.


    At the moment, all the developers are trying to match the GameFI concept as much as possible, because it helps to create additional interest in the games. Huge markets of in-game items are already waiting for new players. Go for it!