Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    Blockchain Games, TOP 10

    Blockchain technologies are developing so fast that not everyone has time to follow the innovations. For example, the technology is already widely used in a variety of online games. Do you know which of them are included in the TOP 10 popular decentralized blockchain games?

    The use of decentralized systems in the gaming industry may surprise you, but as you read this article, the main gaming companies are already building their virtual worlds using the latest algorithms on blockchain technologies. After reading to the end, you will find out how huge the potential is and what projects have already been implemented in the world of decentralized games and applications — DApps.

    Shall we start? So, a brief review of the top 10 blockchain games according to DappRadar.

    First Place — Alien Worlds

    Alien Worlds is a Trilium project based on NFT technology.

    Alien Worlds is a browser game with internal cryptocurrency TLM, which you can farm by playing the game, completing various tasks, stake, and then exchange and sell through exchanges.

    The game already has more than 220,000 players and over 9 million transactions with TLM cryptocurrency according to DappRadar.

    Second Place — UPLAND

    UPLAND is a game in which you can buy and sell virtual real estate linked to real addresses.

    The internal currency is the UPX cryptocurrency. You can earn it directly in the game, buying more and more expensive real estate, and then exchange it for dollars on stock exchanges and exchangers and withdraw it to fiat. 

    The game also features NFT technology. For example, you can collect several properties and get a rare card, which can be used for exchange, sale, or collection.

    The app has over 25,000 users and more than 99,000 transactions in smart contracts for deposits and withdrawals.

    Third Place — R-PLANET

    R-PLANET is “a revolutionary NFTs-staking system, which allows you to benefit from unused NFTs and have a lot of fun”, this is how the developers describe their app.

    According to the authors, the player must colonize Mars by creating new elements of nature, combining and revealing the unique NFT cards to the world. The latter, of course, can be sold, exchanged, or staked for a profit as in-game Aether currency.

    The application has more than 15 thousand users, but over 500 thousand transactions with cards have already been made.

    Fourth Place — Kolobok Adventures

    Dapp Kolobok Adventures is based on the famous Russian fairy tale “Kolobok”.

    The point of the game is to buy, grow and upgrade different koloboks, and send them on a journey with grandmother and grandfather, with the wolf, rabbit, bear, and fox.

    Each adventure has not only a degree of risk to the life of the main character but also bonuses that are converted into WAX cryptocurrency, which can be exchanged at one of the exchanges.

    In fact the game is also based on the idea of NFT staking, which can either be profitable or completely destroyed — the death of the kolobok.

    The game is integrated into one of the NFT-marketplaces, where there is a cycle of koloboks in nature — alive and even already deceased.

    Overall, it is interesting how Russian folk tales can be digitized in a modern manner, create a playful story out of them, and on top of that, earn crypto.

    The game has nearly 12 thousand users and over 235 thousand transactions with kolobok NFT cards.

    Fifth Place — Galaxy Blocks

    Galaxy Blocks is the good old Tetris. Here you can earn TT in-game currency and exchange it for USDT.

    Figures neatly stacked by 10.58 thousand users.

    Sixth Place — Splinterlands

    Splinterlands is a decentralized collectible card game. The point is to build a collection of cards, each of which has attributes, abilities, and stats, and to take part in battles with other players. The game concept is similar to Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering.

    Cards and collections can be bought and sold, and the obtained cryptocurrency can be used to boost existing cards or converted into fiat money. You can trade cards for cryptocurrencies: STEEM, SBD, TRX, DEC.

    The game has 7.89 thousand users and over 608 thousand transactions.

    Seventh Place — PROSPECTORS

    PROSPECTORS is a massive multiplayer online real-time economic strategy game. Here you can immerse yourself in the 19th-century gold rush atmosphere. The game is still in beta, but it looks promising.

    Players have to do the work, extract resources, and build gold mines in the Wild West. Thus, receive gold (cryptocurrency), which can be used to obtain new gold or exchanged for dollars.

    Although the game was released recently, a huge number of opportunities for different economic strategies have already been created. The cryptocurrency in the app is WAX, so it is easy to exchange it for fiat currency.

    The game has 5.5 thousand users and 71 thousand transactions.

    Eighth Place — MOBOX: NFT Farming

    MOMO Farmer is a liquidity pool combined with an NFT marketplace where MOMO character cards play a key role.

    The internal cryptocurrency of the app is KEY, with which you can buy your MOMOs, improve them, and sell them. They increase your hash rate when staking into certain pools: the more rare MOMOs you keep in your collection, the better the conditions for staking open up. KEY can be exchanged for MBOX, a cryptocurrency listed on some exchanges.

    The game is available in mobile applications on iOS and Android, but they are in beta testing. So for now, it’s more comfortable to play through the browser.

    The game has almost 4 thousand users, but the liquidity pools within the application have already collected over 10 million dollars and these numbers are constantly growing.

    Ninth Place — Jelly Squish

    Jelly Squish is a decentralized application on the ThunderCore platform. This is a well-known game, but only with fruit and sweets.

    Players compete in 1v1 battles, betting on victory using cryptocurrency. The winner takes it all.

    It has 3 thousand users. The winnings can be withdrawn from the platform.

    Tenth Place — Crypto Dynasty

    Crypto Dynasty is a project of Chinese developers. In the game, you will level up the characters, take part in battles, and collect various materials. The latter will be used to create protection, weapons, amulets, and jewelry — each of which has unique characteristics and helps to be more effective in battles.

    In-game cryptocurrency is a TKT token that can be mined by performing jobs by your characters, winning tournaments, and selling resources and equipment.

    The game has 1.4 thousand users and 28 thousand transactions. There is a White Paper.

    The Realities And Prospects Of Blockchain Gaming

    When blockchain is used for popular games, ecosystems appear in which virtual items, virtual movable and immovable property, and even the characters themselves can have the liquidity that can be easily realized. And most importantly, the decentralization of such systems is more trustworthy and looks more attractive.

    In the world of blockchain games, there are And what would happen if blockchain was integrated into AR and VR games!?

    We are still at the very beginning of the DApps development. But soon, we will probably see the mastodons and whales of the gaming world one by one transfer their systems to blockchain.