Mon. Jun 21st, 2021
    TON Wallet, TON Crystal, Free TON

    SVOI.DEV development team offered another wallet for TON Crystal holders.

    Among other things, the “wallet” implements the ability to create your own TIP-3 token using the token constructor and work with different accounts. For the convenience of users SVOI.DEV took care of the instructions, which simplifies life greatly, just click INSTALL.

    TON Wallet: Installing The Wallet In The Browser

    Go to the website for the wallet and follow the steps listed below:

    • click Install to download the instructions for installation and using the wallet — PDF file (via;
    • choose Available in the Chrome Web Store on the main page to install it as a Google Chrome extension;
    • Microsoft Edge — for installation as an extension from the Microsoft Market.

    To install TON Wallet step by step from the manual, i.e. via

    1. Download all the files from the main repository branch at GitHub, or download the zip file and unzip it to any location on your device.

    2. Go to the Google Chrome main menu/More tools/Extensions and enable Developer mode.

    3. Click “Load Unpacked” and select the folder of the unpacked extension.

    As a result, in the upper-right corner of Google Chrome, next to the address bar, the TON Wallet icon should appear, which launches the wallet.

    If the icon is not visible next to the address bar, you need to enable its pinning in the panel through the Google Chrome menu/More Tools/Extensions.

    Creating A New TON Wallet Account

    After the wallet icon appears in your Google Chrome, launch TON Wallet.

    First, the app prompts you to decide whether you want to create a new wallet or log in to the old one by entering a seed phrase.

    New TON Wallet
    1. Select Create new wallet, be sure to SAVE the 12-word seed phrase, which is generated randomly (it will be needed later to enter the wallet), enter and repeat the password. It is needed to confirm transactions. Read the privacy policy. Click Create.

    2. Go to the main wallet window and select Create wallet to create it in the system.

    3. Define the contract of the created wallet. You can change it later by clicking on the pencil next to the address. The following contracts are available:

    • SafeMultisig
    • SURF
    • Enter custom address

    We will select the first one — SafeMultisig.

    4. Now you need to deploy the wallet by clicking Deploy wallet. At least 1TON Crystal should be on the balance of the wallet, as the message warns.

    5. Send crystals from another wallet to the TON Wallet address. You can copy the address by clicking on it.
    6. After the tokens appear in the account, we deploy the wallet and confirm the action with the password.

    7. The wallet is ready to work!

    Signing In To The Old TON Wallet Account

    If you want to log in to an existing account after launching TON Wallet: 

    1. Select Import seed phrase. In the opened window, specify the seed phrase and create a password.

    2. Click Create wallet and select the contract of the imported wallet, that is, repeat steps 2, 3 of the previous section. After that, you can work with the wallet.

    TON Wallet: How To Send TON Crystal

    1. Click Send on the main page of the wallet.
    2. In the appeared window, fill in all the lines: address, amount, and comment.

    You can also specify the address of the domain name, if the recipient has one. Then you need to start writing it in the Address line and the transaction creation form will change.

    You can assign a domain name using the DeNS by Augual.TEAM service. More about the team and the service itself can be found here.

    3. Confirm the transaction with the password and wait for it to be completed.

    Creating Your Own TIP-3 Token

    SVOI.DEV developers have made it possible for TON Wallet to work not only with TON Crystal but also with the following tokens:

    • Wrapped TON (WTON)
    • Tether
    • USD coin
    • Dai Stablecoin
    • Wrapped BTC (WBTC)
    • Wrapped Ether (WETH)
    • Specify the address of the user token

    All listed tokens can be displayed on the main page of the wallet: click Add token and select the desired.

    You can create your own TIP-3 token using the constructor at the bottom of this window – Create TIP-3 token:

    1. Specify the characteristics of the new token in the lines: token name, token ticker, and its initial mint amount.
    2. Receive transaction details with a warning about the charge for deploying a new 1 TON Crystal token. Agree and enter the password in the appeared window.
    3. Make sure that the created token appears, which is displayed in the main panel at the bottom under the Assets label.

    Work With Different Wallets In One

    In addition to the features listed above, TON Wallet can work with different wallet accounts, switch between them and change their names. Accounts are accessed through the settings menu at the top right of the main panel.

    There is also an option to get a private account key. To access it, click Get account private key and enter the password.

    TON Wallet: Features And Benefits

    Option to work with Free TON main and test networks and add your own.
    Multi-language — English, Russian and Spanish.
    Working with the TIP-3 token.

    The SVOI.DEV team promises to expand the wallet functionality in multiple directions in the near future, and for the convenience of users, it will release a video instruction for the TON Wallet on their channel. Questions and suggestions can be sent to them on Telegram.

    Questions to the SVOI.DEV team

    • Why does the first creation of a wallet account take several steps: creating a wallet, then deploying?

    The scheme is implemented for the ability to use different wallet contracts and switch between them.

    Sending 1 TON Crystal covers the network’s fee for launching the wallet contract.

    • When can we expect DeBots and integration with the TonSwap exchange?

    We plan to implement it in the 3rd quarter of 2021. It is necessary to consider the busyness of the team, including the need to implement the next stages of development of TonSwap. Right now, for example, only the second of four stages of DEX implementation is in progress.

    • How long has your team been working on creating the wallet?

    Team members have been working on the TonWallet for two months. The deadline was set by the terms of the contest, in which the project was launched.