Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    TON Swap, Farming, Broxus, DeFi

    The Broxus team announced long-term farming on TON Swap at the end of August, a great way to earn on updated liquidity pools. Free TON HOUSE tells about the updated farming.

    Liquidity Pairs

    WBTC-BRIDGE137% per annum
    WTON-BRIDGE78% per annum
    USDC-USDT41% per annum
    WTON-WETH94% per annum
    WTON-WBTC100% per annum
    WTON-USDC88% per annum
    WTON-USDT90% per annum
    UNI-V2-USDT-WTON127% per annum

    Farming With Minimal Risks

    The main risk for farming depositors is Impermanent loss (IL) — the loss of potential profit because of a sharp decline in the price of one token pair relative to another. It is possible to reduce IL by depositing in farming cryptocurrencies with a relatively stable rate or stablecoins.

    To date, several pairs with minimal IL risks are offered in TON Swap farming, on which you can earn from 40% to 127% per annum. These are pairs that include a stablecoin or both stablecoins:


    The promised yield of 40% is a high income for farming, considering the deposit of only stablecoins.

    How To Deposit In Farming With Only WTON

    Let’s focus on the pairs that contain WTON:


    Let us remind you that farming is the deposit of a token pair in the liquidity pool of an exchange. However, with TON Swap farming, it is enough to have only WTON. Next, you need to choose a pair for farming from the above and swap half of the WTON for another token of the pair.

    You can exchange and form an LP-token pair with a single click on the pools tab. To do this, specify the amount of WTON, select the second token pair and check “Enable auto exchange”.

    Half of the WTON will be swapped for a second token of the pair and at the same time, an LP token will be obtained, which must be deposited in farming in the next step.

    In this way of depositing in farming, you need to consider the rate at which the second token of the pair will be swapped. You can see its value in the swap tab by specifying both tokens. The suggested rate should be compared with the rate of other exchanges so as not to lose on the swap.

    It is often more profitable to get the second token of the pair on a third-party exchange, and then, having both tokens of the pair in Crystal Wallet for depositing in farming, convert them into LP-tokens on the pools tab and send them in farming.

    So, to deposit in farming on the TON Swap exchange you need to:

    1. Connect the Crystal Wallet to the exchange.
    2. Deposit tokens in the liquidity pool of the exchange on the Swap tab. If there is only WTON on the wallet account, specify both tokens and perform an auto exchange of half of the WTON to another token pair and deposit it into the pool at the same time. Or you can buy a second token of the pair using a different method.
    3. On the farming tab, deposit LP tokens in farming by clicking on the corresponding pair.

    Read a detailed farming guide on TON Swap.

    Farming With A UNI-V2-USDT-WTON Pair

    The creation of this farming pair is technically more difficult and expensive, due to the fee to the Ethereum network: with a gas price of 40-50 GWEI in ether, the total fees will be about $100-120 (0.03 ETH).

    But the yield, if you compare with the WTON-WETH pair, is in favor of UNI — 90% versus 127%. That’s why with a token pair equivalent to $5,000 or more, it makes sense to understand the process and invest in UNI tokens farming.

    If you want to join farming with this pair, use our guide.

    Vesting 120 Days

    One of the main innovations in TON Swap farming is vesting.

    Westing is a delayed payment for earnings on farming. It is used to reduce the pressure on the TON Crystal rate and for long-term farming.

    On the TON Swap exchange, vesting takes 120 days, so you will have to wait for your Entitled reward. It will gradually unlock during this period and will progress to an Unclaimed reward.

    You can withdraw LP-tokens from farming at any time by clicking Withdraw, and the percentage earned on farming for all time will be available only after 120 days.

    However, at any moment, information may appear about additional bonuses for those who have sent their tokens to long-term farming. To increase the loyalty of exchange depositors. 

    Also, the Unclaimed reward withdrawal has become available by clicking the Claim button. In this case, LP tokens remain in the farming. 

    Anyway, the earned tokens are not automatically reinvested. If you want to invest them in farming, then you need to do all the steps again.


    Stay tuned for more news from Broxus: what other new features will appear on TON Swap farming? And those depositors who have already entrusted their tokens to the exchange are looking forward to the announcement and implementation of a loyalty program, which is often practiced on other novice exchanges to raise funds.