Sat. Nov 27th, 2021
    TON Surf Wallet, TON Crystal

    TON Surf — Free TON wallet? Not only! With the help of the blockchain communicator (TON Surf — user interaction interface with the platform), TON Crystal owners can perform operations with tokens and communicate, controlling privacy.

    Where To Download And How To Install TON Surf

    TON Surf can be downloaded through the Apple Store, Google Play or on the official website.

    Then there are only 3 steps to take:

    1. Click “Create Wallet”.
    2. Read and accept the terms of the Decentralization Policy.
    3. Create a 6-digit PIN and confirm it.

    After completing the last action, the user will be immediately in his wallet.

    When creating a wallet, it is important to save a 12-word password to restore access to the account. The master password is located in Settings in the Security section.

    The settings themselves are available by clicking on the Surf icon in the upper-left area of the screen. In addition, in the “Address and keys” section of the “Safety protection” sub-item, you can view your public keys (addresses) and the private key used to sign transactions.

    How To Send Crystals In TON Surf

    1. To send crystals, you need to perform the following steps: Click “Send” at the bottom.
    2. In the window that appears, enter the recipient’s wallet address or select it from the address book. Specify the amount. Surf will immediately calculate the commission. It remains to click “Confirm and send”.

    A convenient bonus from Surf is the ability to leave a comment (create a chat). The comment can be encrypted if you select “Use encryption”. 

    1. If the crystals are sent successfully, the corresponding window will appear. In it, you need to “Open a chat”.
    2. In the standard workspace of the Surf wallet that opens, you can view the current balance after the transaction. There is also a chat with the recipient of crystals and transaction amounts.

    The chat between the sender and the recipient is an interesting and useful addition. Not all standard messaging functions have been implemented yet – users mention the inability to correct or delete a message. However, given the regularity of TON Surf updates, its functionality will be improved more and more.