Mon. Jan 3rd, 2022
    TON Surf, Free TON, Blockchain wallet

    TON Surf announces the launch of a new “subscription” feature. It is already running in beta. The mechanism will allow you to freely monitor any smart contracts.

    The developers have stated before that TON Surf is more than a wallet. It is the interface between the blockchain and users. The core of the project includes:

    • Blockchain wallet.
    • Data browser.
    • Secure chat.

    Further, it will actively grow in functionality to a completely new form of the entire blockchain space — an individual workstation within the global network.

    TON Surf Subscription: How It Works

    Anyone can become a ”detective”

    Any Surf user can subscribe to any account of SubGov, DeBot, Fund, Donation, Product or Person.  

    He will be able to get the transaction history, account details, find out its balance and top up it if necessary.

    In the context of unhealthy discussions of the results of contests, the functionality arrived in time. From now on, the objects you are interested in will always be in front of your eyes and in plain sight. It is enough to subscribe to interesting sub-governance or other collaborations to see the use of crystals online.

    Evgeny Teslov: “Everything is transparent in Free TON”

    However, monitoring the spending of sub-governance funds is definitely not the main and far from the only task of the “subscription” function.

    According to the creator of TON Surf Evgeny Teslov, the main goal is to make all processes in Free TON completely transparent. But it should be understood that this transparency works both ways. That is, the principle of “as above, so below” works — for example, everyone can control the actions of the subgovernances. And for members of the subgovernance, it will not be difficult to check the activity of any account.

    TON Surf, Blockchain wallet

    TON Surf Subscription Application

    The subscription feature will open up new opportunities in blockchain business analytics. Thanks to it, it will become possible:

    • To explore the development of interesting business projects.
    • Instantly notice the growth of activity in certain sectors of the blockchain and navigate with investments.
    • Analyze promising crypto projects without intermediaries.
    • View business wallets that receive transfers from smart contracts or trade.

    This is the insider information that used to come only from “dedicated”.  

    • Potential mutual openness of business partners.
    • Using the “subscription” function as a business coach in the blockchain.

    One of the most interesting features for ordinary users.

    A fair question whether espionage will become a shadow subscription function, the TON Surf developers answered unequivocally: 

    In an ecosystem where everyone sees everyone, the extraction of information for malicious intent immediately becomes obvious.

    In TON Surf, an environment is created where it is more and more difficult to manipulate, and it is unprofitable to engage in shenanigans, and it is simply pointless.


    As Evgeny Teslov told us, the subscription functionality will expand: for example, a graph and notifications will be introduced in the near future. Follow the announcements!