Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
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    At the monthly meetup, the development team of TON Surf, a popular Free TON wallet, answered users’ questions, discussed the possibility of TIP-3 tokens support, the TON Swap exchange, and announced the release date of the next Surf update.

    Evgeny Teslov, the product owner, and the TON Surf development team took part in the meetup.

    Evgeny: Good afternoon, we continue our monthly meetings. Thanks to the work of the FreeTON.House team, the text version of the previous session is available in Russian and English.

    According to the new tradition, we continue to answer your questions once a month.

    Overview Of Surf Updates For The Month

    Anna: With the new navigation, all functions now work equally correctly on different platforms. The guys did a great job. 

    There are also new UI-kit components, which are available not only for Surf developers but also for community teams. Stylish buttons that can be used for any development in Free TON, and not just in Surf, have also become common property.

    A beta version of the new staking DeBot has been released and can already be used. It has a cool feature — you can view in which DePools you already have stakes. And if you forgot where your stakes are, you can use it to search for them.

    In addition, there is a function of a random DePool selection from the list. You can get acquainted in advance with who offers what conditions, then use it. 

    The signatures went out to the battle. There are signatures in Surf, particularly in the DeBot. Add them, correct them, and try them out.

    About The Development Of A New Design System

    Evgeny: Alexei will talk about the design system, which we plan to publish in Open Source and present in the foreseeable future. Big and serious changes are already taking place that are not yet noticeable from the outside.

    Alexei: The UI-kit are the most unnoticeable changes. We started to use React Native Reanimated if we specify the technical details. For users, this means improved quality of animation: it will be much smoother. Everything related to controls and animations, for example, the buttons have become much more responsive. We have added “haptics” to some buttons — a native response. When the phone vibrates, there is a certain sound effect.

    With buttons, animation and navigation are much better. Navigation has become more consistent and looks the same on all platforms: both iOS and Android. We now have large headers, and they work on all platforms at once. We are moving towards making all controls based on new technology.

    Evgeny: When it comes to UI-kit and react native design systems, which are occasionally complained about in chat, the truth is that we want to make a major contribution to the development of react native. We plan to release some articles on this topic because we’ve done things that nobody else has done in react native so far, including Facebook, which started this and is actively developing it. 

    It’s a lot of work. It is partly invisible to users, but we are doing it in order to use animations that will be integrated into the Surf in the future.

    About Staking And Its New Features

    Evgeny: Staking DeBot is the best DeBot I’ve seen in Free TON in a while. Nikita will tell you about it and some crazy features. Like, “Show my stakes”.

    Nikita: It’s a DeBot that includes a lot of cool new stuff under the hood: from the d’engine, from the DeBot platform, some of the latest interfaces that make it easier to communicate with the user. 

    We were able to apply the SDK request to the blockchain to make selections of different contracts. For example, from the DePools. And now you can see your stakes across the entire grid, across all DePools. DeBot picks them up and receives your wallet stakes in each DePool. And it takes seconds, depending on the speed of your connection. 

    The selection runs instantly, in the background, while the DeBot starts, which requests the wallet address, and starts searching for stakes. By the time you have a menu where you can randomly select a DePool, the DeBot already knows all your stakes and by clicking the Show my stakes button you can see them. 

    Let me tell you about a new feature in the staking DeBot — random selection of the DePool. I’ve used it many times myself, and I find it cool because sometimes I’m too lazy to choose DePools myself. In this case, you press Find random DePool, select the amount — and that’s it, you’ve already started earning on your stake. Of course, the amount must fall under the minimum threshold of the proposed DePool, because it is different for everyone. If it does not suit you, then you click: “Find another” — and DeBot offers you the next option.

    Evgeny: In fact, we tested it including Random, a random choice that is supposed to be completely fair, free from outside influence. This opens up interesting possibilities for its use.

    Random Happens Within The Free TON Network?

    Nikita: No, there is Random, which is executed by smart contracts inside the blockchain. But it is different here because the DeBot is executed locally. So it uses the Random library that is provided by Engine. In other words, it’s interface Random, when the Engine provides the SDK interface and there is a Random function. And in blockchain, Random is conditional because different block and transaction tags are mixed in.

    Is It Possible To Verify The Random DeBot?

    Nikita: DeBot collects all the DePools from the blockchain and then, using Random, selects a random one from among them. In terms of verification, you can run Random several times to make sure that it gives a new one each time. Or check the source code.

    For example, you can run Random 10 times and see that each time the DeBot offers a different DePool. Of course, it’s not hardware Random, but software Random, which libraries provide. And the quality of the implementation of this function determines how random is Random.

    Does Copy/Paste Text From DeBots work?

    Anna: Yes, a long click on a message in the DeBot chat copies the text.

    Has DeBot Staking Code Already Been Published?

    Evgeny: Surf uses the most verified contracts in its work. They go through several levels of verification. Staking Debot is currently undergoing one of those thorough inspections. Within two weeks, the staking DeBot code will be available.

    Nikita: Yes, we are preparing it for release.

    Does Copy/Paste Text From DeBots work?

    Anna: Yes, a long click on a message in the DeBot chat copies the text.

    Surf Prepares A Presentation

    Evgeny: There are some things that we are working on but which are not yet completed, so we’re not revealing them to users yet. We do not share them until we are sure that they work correctly and do not contain critical errors. 

    Looking ahead, we will prepare a presentation on the Free TON multi-world and tell you about the features that are already available.

    Multi-wallets And Multi-signatures

    Dmitrii: At the last AMA session, a question was asked about multi-wallets. And we immediately took this task into work and are currently actively testing it.

    It’s about adding multiple wallets to Surf with different seed phrases and switching between them. The feature is now in beta. You can look at it, try it out. It hasn’t been published yet, as we are still working on some visual elements.

    Besides switching between wallets in a multi-wallet, you can use the signatures of other wallets, even if they are not activated, but added to Surf. For example, in DeBots, you can sign messages with the signatures of several wallets at once. It’s very convenient and very cool! So expect it to be in public soon!

    If I have 10 wallets in Surf with ten different seed phrases and there is a multisig, which involves my 10 wallets and 90 — someone else’s. Do I put my 10 signatures with one button?

    Dmitrii: Not with one button, of course, but without changing the session. Let’s say one wallet is available, and without leaving it, you can access the signatures of the other wallets.

    Evgeny: This is a good case for a DeBot consortium that works with all interfaces. It would be cool to add a “Sign with all wallet signatures” button to it. We will keep working.

    Dmitrii: In addition to multi-wallets, which can connect and use signatures, there is a service “Creation of additional keys within one wallet”. If you don’t want to use your primary public and private keys to sign some transactions, for example in governance, you can create additional keys from the primary key and use them without worrying that someone might access your funds in the primary account.

    Is It Possible To Remove The Chain Ride? It Takes Up a Lot Of Space On Top.

    Evgeny: Our kettle (“Chainik” in Russian) is our pet (laughs). I periodically think about how to “shoot” it and transfer it completely to DeBot. This will be resolved soon.

    Is It Possible To Make A List Of Hidden Transactions That Will Not Be Displayed In The List?

    Question clarification: I have made stakes using DeBot. And every day, I received a transaction from DeBot. I don’t know if it’s happening now, but a good case for that is to “Hide the address and transactions from it”.

    Evgeny: Indeed, it is an interesting case. We made a note of it.

    Suggestions from users. Implement hiding chats like an archive in Telegram: with the ability to sort chats by topic and by folder. And when a transaction comes from an unknown user, so that the user’s address is visible, and not his nickname.

    Will it be possible to copy any part of the DeBot message?

    Question clarification: Now the situation is that when some bubble phrase comes from a DeBot, it has the required address or seed phrase inside of it. Everything else is text. It is not possible to copy only part of the DeBot message. You have to copy the entire message and then select what you want.

    Evgeny: So we are raising the priority of this task and will deal with it soon.

    Feature: Sign Using a Seed Phrase

    Question clarification: While developing DeBots and testing them in Surf, we encountered the following. We have a participant — a contract in some kind of smart contract system, which is generated inside the DeBot, and its transactions we sign with a seed phrase, simply by pasting it into the DeBot. 

    The problem is that Surf offers to sign with its main keys at some points when it is required to sign with a seed phrase that we generated inside DeBot. Surf has a signing feature that offers 3 options: enter the key, sign with Surf, and enter manually. This feature does not always work the same way, and it is not clear how to make DeBots bypass this and can be signed by external keys.

    Evgeny: This is a good question to ask in our Free TON DeBots channel. Write in this chat — we’re all in it. I think we’ll respond quickly to it with technical details. The case is clear, and the case is necessary.

    Feature: Rubber Buttons In DeBots

    Question clarification: Sometimes in DeBots, buttons do not consist of two words, but inside the button there is text, for example, an address.There is a lot of text, and in the current implementation of buttons, it is partially cut off and is not visible. It would be nice to implement a feature —  “Rubber buttons in DeBots” when the borders of the buttons automatically expand according to the amount of text inside.

    Evgeny: That’s a great idea for a consortium. We’re dealing with that issue right now — we’ll figure it out and fix it.

    If you and your products need any additional interfaces, write to the DeBots Telegram group, as well as to the Interface Consortium.

    Can you add a feature to add a wallet with HEX keys (public/private) and a Safe/SetCode contract selection instead of a seed phrase?

    Evgeny: We’re currently developing a big epic called Onboarding. Signing in and setting up a wallet is a separate and large part of it. Problems with different contracts and entry methods are being solved. I can’t say when it will be ready, but development is in an active stage.

    A push notification arrives in the app, but it is not visible when entering Surf. It turns out that the transaction came to the dev network. Perhaps you need to make the notification list global?

    Evgeny: We are getting ready to move to a new decentralized notification service. And it will solve many of these issues.

    Will Surf add the ability to send anonymous payments using Zk-SNARKs?

    Evgeny: DeBot ecosystem will definitely support it. It’s a specific service. But if it will work in DeBot, it will work in Surf.

    Will there be any interaction between and TON Surf?

    Question clarification: Right now, the attention of the community is focused on TON Swap farming. When will Surf have support for the withdrawal of all kinds of wrapped coins? Their number is increasing, users store them somewhere. The question arises: What should be first — support for Surf farming or support for coins?

    Evgeny: Regarding TIP-3 tokens. They will appear after implementing TRUE NFT in Surf. is a good thing, but Core Surf uses verified contracts that have been verified at multiple levels. We need to be sure that the quality of this product meets high safety standards. That’s why we offer Surf users only verified services and functionalities.

    Is there any solution that is not verified by Surf but can be called via Surf?

    Anna: These are DeBots.

    Evgeny: I do not understand why the authors of the projects do not seek to come to Surf users and give them the option to use their services through DeBots. So the question is not for us, but we monitor it. One of our goals is to help our users to use everything interesting in Free TON, no matter if it’s through a DeBot or not. 

    So, in this case, I think is a serious and great topic, but you should ask the guys from DeFi subgovernance, not us.

    Are you planning to add a withdrawal of only staking profits and not the whole stake?

    Evgeny: I think it’s a cool feature that will work in a staking DeBot. I also want to mention that the DePool as a smart contract is a very cool thing that can be used not only for staking, but also for other opportunities. Everything about staking will be implemented in the staking DeBot.

    Keep an eye on the staking DeBot it’s updated quite often.

    Why doesn’t Surf use contests for its development, like most Free TON projects?

    Evgeny: The organization of any contest and the contest itself requires attention and time. And we have many tasks that we want to solve right now. Unfortunately, we don’t have the above resources for contests yet. But we are thinking about it, and we will begin this development vector in the fall or winter.

    Do you plan to create technologies for DeBot adaptation and creating multisig for the masses?

    Evgeny: Nikita and I discussed this — DeBots for homemakers.

    Nikita: Yes, we are moving in that direction.

    Evgeny: We suggest you take one product and start developing and advertising it. For example, the DeBot store. And then, we will join in and will actively participate. Write to us in the Beta.TON.Surf channel.

    How many active users does TON.Surf have per month and what are the predictions?

    Evgeny: The number of users who make transactions weekly is 3,000. And monthly — 12,000.

    The number of users who open Surf and use its features in a month without making transactions is much higher.

    What is happening in TRUE NFT development?

    Evgeny: Within two to three weeks, the community will host a presentation of TRUE NFT as a technology. We’ll tell you what’s happening and in what direction it’s developing. 

    Now, besides testing, checking, and verifying smart contracts, documentation, website, etc. are being prepared. We are also preparing to present developments designed for a wide audience.

    Is it possible to issue TRUE NFT to Rust Cup participants as a merit medal?

    Evgeny: That’s a great idea. I’m not sure that we have enough resources to implement it, but it would be great to do so.

    Will there be a list of other DePools besides Surf DePool and a real Random?

    Question clarification: Today we tested the DePools with high commissions — 15-20%, which Surf suggested, but I’m not too interested in considering them as an investment option.

    Evgeny: Regarding random DeBot and 15-20% commission. For example, I just tapped a random DeBot, and it offered me a 5% DePool. It’s a good offer.

    Will there be a pool of validators in Surf that are consistently present in the mainnet, have low slashing, few loop skips, etc.?

    Evgeny: We are actively developing staking DeBot. And just the next step is the introduction of rating.

    Now work is being done in two areas: 

    • preparing a separate landing page with user-friendly parameters of all DePools and the ability to work with them;
    • introducing custom ranking.

    This is solely our initiative — a DeBot that works with all the DePools of the network. We will promote this.

    About Staking Landing Page Development

    Evgeny: By the way, a large landing about staking is being prepared: what is staking and how it works. It will include a comprehensible catalog of DePools so that people can understand them and choose the right one. For example, to stop on a DePool with lower earnings but more insurance, or with a higher reward but low insurance.

    Will the problem with long startup (20-30 sec) of Surf on Android 10 be solved?

    Evgeny: I understand that it’s always frustrating when an app works everywhere but not on my device. 

    Every three months, we return to improving the speed of Surf — we look for problems and fix them. It usually takes 1-2 sprints. That’s why you should wait for the next such stage.

    Alexei: For example, in 2 weeks, we are releasing an update again, and Surf should get faster.

    Evgeny: Yes, we are constantly working on it. And we take technical sprints when we’re dealing specifically with improving speed and interaction. Sorry, but it is not possible to solve all problems at once. If someone solves all 100% of the tasks, then I will personally shake his hand.

    Anna: Come join the Surf Team!

    Meetup video