Mon. Jan 3rd, 2022
    TON Surf, Dark theme

    TON Surf developers are adding a new personalization feature, expanding the capabilities of the blockchain communicator.

    People can always be characterized and divided into groups according to any criteria:

    • morning person and night person;
    • coffee lovers and tea lovers;
    • techies and humanities.

    And people are also divided into those who like white, and who like black. Coco Chanel built a cult around the little black dress, Henry Ford insisted that the car can be any color, as long as it’s black. Steve Jobs, clearly knowing something about the consumer tastes, released in 2008 (after the successful implementation of the first iPhone model in metallic color) the second model of the communicator — both in white and in black.

    TON Surf, Dark theme

    Many people prefer to read from a white sheet, but there are those who are more comfortable surfing a dark theme.After trying it, they find they feel more comfortable this way. In TON Surf, the dark theme will soon become an alternative to the familiar version.

    An important factor for many
    smartphone owners is power saving.
    Dark theme requires less power
    for backlighting, saving battery life.

    The most difficult thing in TON Surf in the near future will be deciding which interface color to choose. Today, after 5 p.m. (MSK), the dark theme will be released to public beta.

    Other upcoming updates for TON Surf are DeBots and staking. Follow the announcements!