Sat. Jun 19th, 2021
    TON Seed, Free TON, TON Crystal, Crowdfunding

    To support startups for the development of the Free TON community, the TON Seed crowdfunding platform has been created.

    On it, each member of the community can learn about current projects that raise funds for implementation. Platform users choose the most worthy and promising ideas in their opinion and vote for them with crystals. Alternatively, you can find support for your project.

    TON Seed: Register And Top Up Your Account Balance

    Registration and further authorization on the platform is performed from your Telegram account:

    1. Select Sign in on the main page.
    2. Get acquainted with the terms of use of the platform.
    3. Read the privacy and processing of personal data policy.
    4. Click Log in with Telegram.
    5. In the appeared window, enter the phone number.
    6. Go to Telegram and allow authorization on TON Seed.

    If you are interested in a project on the platform and you want to support it, then replenish the balance of your TON Seed account:

    1. Click in the upper right corner on your login and select Balance from the list.
    2. Scan the QR code that allows you to send funds from your wallet with a single click.
    3. As an alternative to the previous step, in the line below, copy the wallet address and send tokens to it.

    At any time, you can withdraw funds from the platform account, for which, in the Balance section, fill in the fields under the Withdrawal to TON wallet.

    TON Seed Platform Features

    TON Seed is an alternative to Free TON contests and partnerships. The platform is a logical continuation of the ecosystem decentralization policy: it provides each of its participants with the opportunity to put forward their project or support the one they like.

    The following features are currently available on the platform:

    • Creation of your startup

    You can submit an idea to the platform by clicking on the Create project button on the main page.

    It is important to understand that startups are created on the platform to draw attention to them, to vote with tokens. Therefore, it is advisable to indicate not the entire amount for the implementation of the project, but only a part of it. Projects that reach their fundraising goal are then sent to the Free TON Community website, where they can receive funding from the Free TON community. In this case, the authors of the startup are required to return the funds received on TON Seed to the donators.

    There are also non-commercial projects, the funds collected for which will not be returned to the shareholders.

    • Project support

    Discussion of projects on the platform is not provided. Opinions on startups are expressed on the community forum.

    Projects That Collect Tokens Today

    TON Seed, Free TON, TON Crystal
    1. The first startup launched with TON Seed demonstrates TON Crystal on crypto exchanges. The author has collected 5,000 TON Crystal on the platform and is going to do it further.
    2. PaidSubbot, a Telegram bot builder, is asking 17,000 TON Crystal for development. With the help of such a constructor, Telegram content creators can get their own bot and earn on paid subscriptions. The developers claim that 113 bots have already been created on the basis of the constructor. The bot builder can benefit from Free TON because payment for using the program is carried out in TON Crystal. Fundraising for the startup is open until May 19.
    3. Community member Roman D wants to write a book about the Free TON blockchain and its history — CODE TON. The book, according to the author, can become a bestseller. Roman D has valued the work at 20,000 TONs. Those who wish to contribute their tokens can do so until May 16.
    4. The Debiton service is designed to create smart contracts on the Free TON blockchain for the settings of the automatic payment and debiting of funds for services. Developers offer DePool-integration when the entire amount is stored in DePools and is gradually debited to configured payments. Plans also include the implementation of a link to Ethereum and a connection to USDT. 10,000 TONs — until May 19.
    5. The creators of TONSupportBot, which is used in 64 Telegram channels in the Free TON community, are asking for 16,000 crystals for its further development and development of voice assistant skills. The project is non-commercial and free for users, so the return of the collected funds to the participants of the TON Seed platform is not provided. Fundraising is open until May 23.
    6. The Free TON ecosystem is expected to create its own decentralized social network AERX. Its developers want to compete with Facebook and Instagram, for which they ask for some 7,500 TON Crystal. The main features of the new social network announced by the creators include the e-commerce system, financial payments, and loans based on AERX, monetization of user content, the ability to organize events and attract community members to them. You can vote with tokens for the development of the AERX social network until May 29.

    If you are ready to send your tokens in support of one of the proposed projects, then:

    • top up your account balance (see the beginning of the article);
    • go to the startup you like and click Support project;
    • In the opened window, choose one of the suggested ways to send tokens.
    TON Seed, Free TON, TON Crystal

    You can send crystals without returning them to you later, or select the desired amount and make a profit if the project reaches the full amount.

    TON Seed: Registration Of Your Project

    1. First of all, we get acquainted with the purpose of the TON Seed platform. A window with information opens after clicking Create project on the main page of the site.
    Free TON, TON Seed, TON Crystal
    1. Fill in the fields in the project creation section. There are those (marked with *) that are required: without filling them out, fundraising for the project will not be launched. But it is better to tell the community members about your idea in as much detail as possible. It is important to talk about the partnership offer for Free TON to attract community members to help you with tokens.
    2. Inform the community as much as possible about fundraising by bringing the discussion of an already launched startup to the forum, to the Free TON Telegram channels.


    The opportunity to support startups in Free TON is both a way to influence the development of the ecosystem and a method of voting with tokens, as well as an opportunity to profit. Fans of the young ecosystem, support your favorite projects or suggest your own!