Tue. Jan 4th, 2022
    TON.live Free TON blockchain

    Previously, the Free TON browser had no name. The developers decided to fix this by the traditional way for Free TON – voting, in which everyone could take part.


    The question put to the vote was: “Which of the names of the blockchain explorer for Free TON do you like the most?” Three options were offered: “freescan”, “ton.live” and “other” – the opportunity to offer your own version.

    During the voting, various variants of the name were introduced. You can see them in the voting progress table:


    Voting lasted 3 days. The majority of votes were received by the option “ton.live”. Now at this address you can find the browser itself – https://ton.live/main

    Blockchain Explorer is the basic application through which the user starts working with cryptocurrency. The application reads data from the blockchain directly and allows you to view the contents of the database. In it, you can see the movement of transactions: which of them have just been approved, which are awaiting confirmation, which cryptocurrency and how much is on the account. The browser determines from which address and when the tokens were sent to the account. Here you can search and view smart contracts and almost any blockchain information.

    There is a search engine on the main page of the browser. Here you can enter the address of the wallet that needs to be checked for tokens and the transaction number. It also provides information on the status of the network, a constantly updated feed of blocks and messages. In the application, you can check the status and history of your own portfolio.

    The browser displays new blocks as soon as they are generated. By clicking on the link with the block number, the user is taken to a page with a huge amount of detailed information about the selected block, including general statistics.

    The Free TON blockchain explorer, now known as TON.live, goes beyond a tool to explore the individual elements of the blockchain.


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