Sat. Nov 27th, 2021
    TON Crystal Wallet, Free TON

    Broxus is a long-standing partner and one of the first Free TON validators. Broxus provides a turnkey service for the exchange of cryptocurrencies of various networks.

    The Broxus wallet, which allows transactions with TON Crystal, is based on the Test Gram Wallet created by the Telegram team for the TON test network.

    Download And Get Started With The TON Crystal Wallet

    TON Crystal Wallet can be downloaded for Windows, Linux and MacOS — just select your operating system and install the wallet on your device.

    Next, you can create a new wallet by clicking “Create My Wallet” or import data from an existing one — “Import existing wallet”.

    • To create a new wallet, select “Create My Wallet”, create a password and write down a 24-word seed phrase (master password). 

    The seed phrase will be needed in case of loss of access to the computer or loss of the password. Otherwise, it will be impossible to restore access to the wallet!

    To check at the stage of creating a wallet, you need to enter only three words from the seed phrase opposite the specified serial numbers. This is done so that the new user does not forget to record it.

    • To log in to an existing wallet, select “Import existing wallet”. Then enter the 24-word seed phrase, and the password twice.

    The TON Crystal Wallet smart contract is incompatible with the TON Surf smart contract (24 words of the seed phrase versus 12). Therefore, in this case, you can only log in to the previously opened TON Crystal Wallet.

    TON Crystal Wallet: Wallet Features

    After authorization, the user will be taken to the personal account, which consists of seven blocks.

    The upper block is used for operations with TON Crystal, displays the balance of the wallet in crystals and allows to send/receive them.

    The next one — DePool — allows you to earn crystals by investing tokens in staking.

    And the remaining blocks, called standard abbreviations of cryptocurrencies, are designed to work with them.

    Receiving Crystals

    • To receive crystals, you need to enter the TON section and click “Receive”. In the window that appears, select “Share Wallet Address”. Next, share the wallet address as a link.
    • Or choose “Create invoice”. In this case, it will be possible to indicate the required number of crystals, comment and send this link to someone.
    • Crystals received on the account are displayed in the TON block as a transaction with a “+” sign. You can enter the transaction and see the sender’s address, the amount of crystals received and a comment. There is no transaction address.

    Sending Crystals

    • To send crystals, click “Send”. 
    • In the window that appears, enter the recipient’s address, the number of crystals and a comment.
    • Confirm or cancel the sending of the tokens in a new window.
    • Enter the password.

    Addresses For Sending Crystals

    In the Free TON network, you can use 2 address formats:



    Where 0 is the designation of a working network operating with TON Crystal tokens (in Free TON you can create another working network with a different token), and then 64 characters [a-f, 0-9]



    Includes numbers, punctuation, uppercase and lowercase characters of the Latin alphabet.

    To receive and transfer, you can specify the address in any of the formats, as long as the external wallet supports it.

    In TON Crystal Wallet, you can use an address in both formats.

    TON Crystal Wallet: An Exchange Wallet?

    In the wallet, the account is presented in six cryptocurrencies. Is it possible to exchange them between each other inside the wallet?

    Such a function is not provided in any cryptocurrency block. And if you try to send the available currency to another address within the wallet, a warning message will appear.

    That is, the wallet warns that the operation does not make sense. An attempt is made to transfer tokens to the same account. This operation is possible, but it will entail a commission. And the money will come in the same currency as it was sent, since the addresses of all cryptocurrencies in the wallet are the same.

    Questions To The Developers Of TON Crystal Wallet

    Stepan Kamentsev, Broxus Chief Technology Officer, answers.

    • The exchanger function in the Broxus wallet has not yet been implemented, but perhaps it will appear later?

    As for currency exchange, I can say that the centralized mechanism was not supposed to be integrated into this wallet. Most likely, there will be integration with some DEXs, which will sooner or later be implemented over Free TON. It should be understood that for such mechanisms to appear in the network, tokens and bridges (bridges with Polkadot and Ethereum) must first appear. This is exactly what we are doing now, integrating bridge and support of tokens based on TIP-3 into the wallet. This is a big and difficult job, since TIP-3 itself did not fully pass verification and support for many necessary mechanisms in the compiler appeared almost on December 31. Sometimes we finish the compiler ourselves to speed up the process and relieve our colleagues from the labs. All this requires stabilization. So the plan is as follows, bridge, tokens, DEX and then currency exchange in the wallet.

    • In October 2020, Broxus hosted a Free TON wallet design contest. There is a winner, but the design is still the same. When can we expect a new wallet interface?

    A separate contest will be announced for the implementation of the wallet design. I can’t say anything about the timing of its implementation, I don’t have any information. I can only add that we will transfer some good solutions ourselves, those that are primarily necessary for the implementation of the tasks from the previous question.

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