Thu. Jun 17th, 2021
    Free TON. Digital economy of the future

    The author of the essay Alex TONomica did not have time to take part in the “Free TON Positioning Essay” contest, but published it on the forum.

    Imagine that you wake up in the morning. Your virtual personal assistant turns on pleasant music for a comfortable wake-up, you go straight to the shower where the optimal temperature is already set, after the morning procedures you go to the kitchen where a delicious coffee and your favorite breakfast have already been prepared in advance, the assistant speaks with a pleasant voice to you personally about relevant news that happened overnight and the list of your personal tasks for the day as they are prioritized. After breakfast, Tesla has already picked you up, where the address of the necessary direction is filled in. You sit down and go about your business with comfort. On the way you see the quotes and the value of your assets of the various DAOs, which are proportionally aligned with the ongoing processes and directly depend on your collective choice. You do not need to do any obligatory work. Your main task is to make the best choice that in the long term will create more value for your DAO, whose assets in turn will grow. Universal basic income but on a more honest and fair basis. Whether it’s the choice of specific participants to make governance decisions or the choice of a contractor that serves the utilities of your neighborhood. All this is regulated separately only by those people who have a direct interest in ensuring that each such decision is balanced and well thought out. Because not only their financial well-being but also their overall quality of life depends on it.

    Blockchain — buzzword or something bigger?

    Many of the above is possible with technologies like DLT or blockchain in particular. On a first level, a blockchain is a data structure. On a larger scale, blockchain is an experimental field where we can try and build new incentive schemes. blockchain is a general purpose technology.

    The enlightenment era has enabled us to think and make decisions on our own using a scientific approach rather than relying on priests and religion as an all-knowing authority. Blockchain also helps us get rid of this imposed faith in the third party, which we supposedly need to solve many everyday problems. Whether it is a bank or a government in the classical sense with a bunch of officials whose main purpose is the consumption of budgetary funds for personal needs. A blockchain allows us to truly manage any personal data or money at our own discretion.

    Uniswap effect

    Just recently we could see how valuable and important the fair distribution of tokens among users is. And the example of uniswap is an excellent one. 60% of the tokens were distributed to all wallets that used the protocol. And as we can see from the listings, and the overall price trend, it was a good idea. Now imagine that the community has more than 90% of tokens in its hands. Free TON plans to distribute 93% of tokens to the community through contests and open competition. This will allow anyone who wants to create some measurable benefit and receive generous rewards.

    Not all blockchains are “equally useful”

    We often hear talk about the importance of decentralization and the fact that creating a balanced system with optimal checks and balances is a very difficult task. Complicated but achievable. If you take into account the popular today DeFi or the game industries, the real mass application does require the possibility of a large volume of transactions without significant damage to the decentralization of consensus.

    And Free TON is one of the few decentralized networks capable of having a sufficient degree of decentralization without software crutches. And with the ability to scale to tens of thousands and potentially millions of transactions per second.

    Why opensource programmable money?

    You can run the software withot any permit of others authorities, study and change the software according to Your needs, be sure that this software is serving Your best interests as a user. Faster evolvement of the protocols due to open code and incentive bounties. Censoship resistant and trustless is one of the most important factors to have more freedom of choice and a lot more new business models and creating value than it was possible before.

    Future depends on the choice of each of us

    Now we are all in an interesting situation where technology allows us to use a huge amount of benefits, but we have not yet fully realized the price we pay for pseudo-free services and carefree attitude to our data.

    Do we want to live in a bubble of imaginary security and convenience invented by corporations and governments in exchange for total control and digital dictatorship?

    Do we want our children’s future to depend on their social rating? Which is exhibited incomprehensibly by whom and based on which indicators.

    Or are we ready to evolve to a state where we consciously and independently choose our future? The “durov’s code” has not disappeared without a trace, but has been passed on to the community. It is open and auditable, so everyone can participate in creating exactly what is interesting and important to you.

    Free TON — choose and create your future.