Wed. Jul 28th, 2021
    Palantir, Free TON

    In the Free TON community, a contest was held to develop an interface for social media analytics. Analytics & Support SubGovernance compared the expected result with the magical artifact Palantir, proposing the creation of “The All-Seeing Eye”.

    Prerequisites For The Contest

    Only 4 works were submitted for the contest, but 19 judges evaluated them!

    The judges’ excitement can be explained by the importance of the tool for working with social media statistics. The demand for analytics was so high that enthusiasts have been doing it manually for a long time:

    “5 months ago collect statistics by telegram group in manual mode. After that, I began to make a system that collects data in automatic mode. But stopped because saw that there was too much work and no reward”.

    And now the reward was announced, and the expectations for the dashboard were formulated. It must:

    • collect analytics on social networks and chats;
    • record traffic and interaction with Free TON content;
    • automate community growth statistics; 
    • compare periods;
    • maintain token distribution statistics;
    • signal about Free TON mentions in the media field.

    The winner must submit his project to open-source.

    Golden Palantir

    The first place and 35,000 TON were won by Platon Knyazev’s team — submission #1.

    The work received 8.36 points out of 10 from the contest judges.

    The winning team presented an interactive 12-page dashboard visualizing key metrics of all Free TON social networks. 11 pages — data on specific media, and the 12th page contains summarized information on key performance indicators — KPI.

    Free TON, Palantir

    On the left is the dashboard switching panel. You can choose any social media or click on the crystal and go to the first KPI index dashboard.

    For each social network, there is a selection of key indicators. You can compare certain periods with each other.

    The principle of analyzing statistics for all presented social networks is approximately the same.

    Free TON, Palantir

    The dashboard can be integrated into any website or application.

    Judges’ opinion

    Several judges who rated the work with 10 points noted the wide range of data and excellent design. Among the downsides is slow loading.

    Commentary by Platon Knyazev

    We have already partially optimized the dashboard and will continue to refine some points. Now that the dashboard is interactive, it calculates a lot of different formulas online. We will make it so that there will be a dashboard, and there will be a separate page with faster loading, but not with such interactivity.

    The data that Palantir presents is very necessary both from a marketing and analytical point of view. For each tool developed by us, we will hold an AMA session and show-tell you how to use these tools. Many people don’t even know that they are already in the community.

    As for the possible cooperation of the winning teams to develop the final product, we considered earlier this idea, but it turned out to be untenable from the point of view of project security. It is better that there are many unique works, freely competing with each other. For example, if tomorrow one of the Palantirs disappears, then others will remain on the network, not in any way tied to the winning project. And the platform will not be affected. This is the meaning of a freely developing system.

    Silver Palantir

    The second place and 25,000 TON went to a member of the @Amadey community — submission #2.

    The interface project scored 7.94 points.

    The interactive dashboard keeps track of the number of subscribers, you can add new social networks and platforms to it. It can run reports in real-time, daily, weekly, as well as once a month, quarterly or annually. It is possible to download data to PDF. The project has passed multi-browser tests with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome.

    Data analysis takes place twice a day. The frequency of analysis can be adjusted if desired.

    Free TON, Palantir

    When you go to the page of the selected social network, the user sees the number of subscribers, likes and reposts. Using the slider at the bottom of the panel, you can view the dynamics for the day, week, month and six months. The graph displays changes over a selected period.

    Free TON, Palantir

    In the drop-down menu, you can select a group and see its interaction statistics.

    Free TON, Palantir

    The list of groups and channels available for analysis contains 56 items and covers the entire geography of Free TON communities.

    By clicking on the Excel button, the user will be redirected to the Google Table, which contains statistics about subscribers in Free TON, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, Linkedin.

    Free TON, Palantir

    The mobile version allows you to view content in the appropriate size and on smartphone screens.

    Judges’ opinion

    The jury evaluated the download speed and data availability for multisig wallets. The disadvantages include an insufficiently wide range of data. Many judges were not impressed by the panel’s design.

    Noteworthy is the opinion of one of the SubGovernance judges — 0:67d445e ···· e1780f224, who was remembered for low ratings in the Contests Results Interface contest. He rated the winner of the contest with only 5 points, and the second place — with 10 points.

    Commentary by @Amadey

    We will definitely expand the functionality. We plan to add advanced analytics on which posts have the most views, likes and retweets, to understand which news is interesting. What news in social networks is more subscribed to and unsubscribed.

    Bronze Palantir

    The third place and 15,000 TON went to the participant @lohilis151 — submission #4.

    The judges rated the work at 6.63 points.

    The presentation contains examples of analysis by user, chat, and social network analytics by period.

    Free TON, Palantir

    In a separate tab, you can track SG wallets.

    Free TON, Palantir

    In case of victory, the author planned to implement several additional functions. All the potential developments listed in the work are worthy of attention, no matter who implements them.

    Both the analytics function for search engines (Google, Yandex, Yahoo) as well as advertising monitoring, retrospective (monitoring past queries) and determining the emotions of posts (negative/positive), which the author mentions among the possible functionality, would be extremely useful.

    Judges’ opinion

    Most of the judges noted the platform needs improvement. There is a lot of scattered information, but there is a sense of potential.


    All contest projects have shown a high level. Even the work of the 3th participant @sergey.is4b, which took 4th place received a lot of positive reviews.

    Palantir, Free TON

    Therefore, after summing up the results, the proposal to revise the judges’ scores was considered. As a result, it was decided that submission #3 would share 3rd place with submission #4.

    It is clear that there will be a revision considering the comments. The final appearance in which the dashboard will be implemented is quite possible, will also change. One thing is clear — Palantir will be a long-awaited tool in community monitoring.

    As the quote from the forum says:

    Marketing likes, reposts, tasks and more is a powerful tool to popularize and motivate each participant (supporter) of Free TON!