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    Еженедельная встреча Freeton 23. Обновления конкурсов.

    On October 6, 2020, the 23th weekly meeting of the FreeTON community took place. You can watch some of the most interesting moments in the video.

    Blitz version of FreeTON Weekly Meetup #23

    New parameters in creating a contest

    Ron Millow announces that new parameters have been added to the contest proposal. Now, when you create a contest proposal on the site, you must enter the start date, its duration, and the number of days during which it is available for voting. The strict limitation on the number of voting days has been removed.

    Contest: Free TON Landing Design

    Ron reminds us that the Free TON Landing page design contest is ongoing, with two days left until the end. Also draws attention to the fact that until the end of the contest all submitted applications are closed for public access. So don’t wait until the last moment, you can safely upload your work at any time.

    Contest: Free TON Positioning Essay

    The essay contest is in the voting phase, with four days left until the end. Ron shares his opinion on the essays submitted for the contest and notes that there are many great texts among them. He encourages the jury to start voting and expresses concern that they are not actively fulfilling their duties. Ron reminds us that there will be a new jury contest soon, which will take into account the lack of participation of the current judges. At the same time, Ron would like to thank the members of Global Governance who are responsible people, vote on every proposal, and do it quickly.

    Contest:  Country Ambassadors for Free TON

    Despite the fact that the voting at the contest of country representatives has already ended, there is a proposal to temporarily postpone the distribution of tokens among the winners.. Ron suggests waiting for the end of the essay and Landing page voting in order to distribute the tokens for three contests at once.

    Governance 2.0

    It is reported that DGO (Decentralized Group Organization) is the group that will move us to Governance 2.0. This will be a landmark event for the entire community. Governance proposals are posted on the forum and everyone can read them. The idea is to run a contest that will lead us to Governance 2.0. A lot of work has been done and it is already possible to test the platform as something fully functioning. In addition, SubGovernance is inviting new members. Anyone can join.

    Magister Ludi Token Distribution

    Mitya Goroshevsky talks about the mechanism for distributing tokens. He has already posted his proposal, which can be viewed. It needs to be discussed, voted on, and then they can start implementing it. The main idea is that blocked and free stakes will be distributed according to the table prepared by Sergey. First, we (i.e. the winners of the contest) will deploy DePools using multisig. This procedure will be facilitated by using DeBot (Ludi DeBot). Ludi DeBot ensures that you own all funds on this multisig. DeBot usage is a requirement. DeBot will be published next week and you can deploy your multisig and DePool. Locked rates will be distributed to this DePool, and free tokens will be distributed to multisig Governance. The first part of the procedure (distribution of blocked stakes) will take about 2 months. We will return the locked stakе back on December 12th. And you will need to deploy a new DePool contract.

    The contest has not yet been announced, as it requires open source code, which has not yet been finally verified. After completing the second stage, the source code will be open. The third stage will mean that everything is safe and it is necessary to engage in scripting testing and publishing reviews.

    The question is whether we can be sure that our locked stakes will not be lost

    Mitya Goroshevsky explains that such chances are negligible at the second stage of development.

    The question is whether the development of the blockchain will slow down if too much time is spent on the verification of Smart Contracts.

    The participants explain that the DePool contract is a very complex Smart Contract and at the same time very important, as it is associated with the transfer of tokens. It will be easier and faster with other Smart Contracts. It should not be forgotten that Free TON has its own specific paradigm, which is based precisely on Smart Contracts. No one has done anything like this before. Therefore, it is logical that so much time and effort is devoted to the basic contract. It must be truly reliable.

    Proposals for new contests

    Ivan Kotelnikov reports on some updates.

    Firstly, the proposal from eSports Subgovernance is on the forum, so you can read and comment.

    Secondly, the Platon team has three offers of statistics and analytics contests:

    1) geo distribution of validators in the main network, as well as its visualization. This will provide validators with information on where to deploy, where to move to increase the degree of decentralization;

    2)     analytics and visualization of the effectiveness of stakes. Creating a larger vision of what is happening. We have hundreds of validators and the picture will constantly change;

    3)   modeling the future. Predicting what will happen if some part of the validators behave in one way or another. 

    The importance of owning tokens needs to be shown because it will add value to the network.

    Ivan shares his opinion that the third proposal is more problematic, as for the first two, both teams of coders and programmers, as well as anyone who wishes, can participate in them. In addition, it will be possible to calculate the results of contests much faster and distribute awards, since they managed to automate the compilation of tables.

    Free TON Mexican Community Group News

    Hector Rivera shared the news that the Mexican Free TON website has recently been launched. They are now planning to attract more people and also to incorporate into the Central American market. Community members have recommended contacting Ambassadors SubGovernance who can help with all of this. In addition, they reminded everyone that there are many highly qualified groups and specialists on various issues in the community, therefore they invite participants to ask their questions, put forward proposals, and they will be helped to establish useful contacts.

    Hector Rivera also expressed interest in the possibility of creating a Mexican SubGovernance. The participants in the meeting explained that this is quite real, but one must understand what is required for this. You need a clear structure, a plan of action and especially active people who are ready to do real things.

    Additional audience questions

    During the meeting, a question was asked about whether it is necessary to publish the multisig wallet with the same public keys that were in the Magister Ludi contests. This was answered in the affirmative, and also clarified that additional keys can be added while Ludi DeBot is used. They will prepare a detailed video instruction on this.

    When asked in what chain to deploy the Ludi game multisig -1: or 0, the answer was given that it can be deployed wherever you want, but 0 is recommended.

    In addition, the developers confirmed their intention to publish DeBot on GitHub, and also explained that all materials that have ever been submitted to contests can be viewed on the site.

    Full (original) version of FreeTON Weekly Meetup #23


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