Sat. Jan 1st, 2022,, TON.Swap development team and crypto holding announced the merger, and TON.Swap, a product from, got a new domain name. — FreeTON Wallet And Exchange Developers

    The team is a regular participant and winner of Free TON development contests.

    Here are some of the popular developer products running on Free TON: positions itself as a group of experts from different fields who have come together to create technological products and solve complex problems with advanced research and development methods.

    The team offers technology products, projects, and startups for businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and the government.

    15 team members have created over 200 projects in 19 years of work. 

    TON.Swap Exchange — Winning Product

    The DeFi subgovernance held two of the three stages of the contest to create a Free TON decentralized exchange. The contestants had to develop exchange smart contracts and implement a liquidity pool mechanism.

    TON.Swap solution from SVOI.Dev took first place at each of the past stages.

    SVOI.Dev And A New Name For The Exchange And More is a community of professionals developing and managing the largest blockchain services. The team’s platform became widely known on May 22, 2018, when anonymous investors paid $1.1 million for its domain name.

    As a result of the partnership agreement, the TON.Swap exchange changed its domain to Where users will see the results of the 3rd stage of the Free TON exchange contest.

    The old address of the exchange ( is not used anymore and will be sold to Broxus to access the decentralized exchange —, developed by the company out of the contest. is an essential part of the Free TON farming mechanism launched by Broxus.

    Swap tokens, Broxus


    Collaboration between Svoi Dev and in the contest increases interest in both the contest and the final product. We are sure that the partnership inspires both the developers themselves and all TON Crystal holders.