Fri. Dec 31st, 2021
    True NFT, TON Surf, RSquad

    The creators of the True NFT technology on the Free TON blockchain answered questions about the solution integration on different platforms. In addition, the Surf team presented new features of their app and revealed plans to use True NFT.

    Surf and RSquad teams recently introduced the concept of True NFT — an on-chain NFT technology on the Free TON blockchain. Team members have already talked about some of the opportunities that the technology provides at the monthly AMA TON Surf session. But, as it turned out, audience interest quickly switches from the topic of architecture features and novelty to practical use. Therefore, at the current meeting, the participants raised the issue of applying the new technology on different platforms and for different cases.

    True NFT in Practice

    True NFT technology is open source and posted on GitHub, so any developer can use this solution.

    One of the first to integrate the innovation was the team, known in the Free TON community for their Grandbazar platform. The team created the first True NFT marketplace.

    After successful implementation, the developers drew attention to the complexities of using the new technology. Alexander, the team’s representative, outlined a number of points.

    First, the high cost of storing data on the blockchain.

    For example, there are many files on the Grandbazar website. At the same time, storing one video file of 20 MB will cost about 120 TON per year.

    Second, uploading files to the blockchain in small chunks.

    Files are uploaded to the blockchain in 16 KB chunks. You will need over a thousand transactions to upload a 20 MB file.

    Alexander made a proposal to improve some aspects. For example, by creating new interfaces.

    In turn, the developers recalled that the technology has only recently appeared. To begin with, it was important to create the very concept of True NFT, which proves that the Free TON blockchain allows implementing solutions of this type.

    We thought about creating a system that can store data and that is user-friendly. This applies to search, display, transfer. We have created a core that anyone can use for their cases.

    Also, the developers noted that they presented and explained their technology, but now it’s up to users to propose solutions for the application. Therefore, the creation of a more user-friendly interface that will be added to the technology specification is quite realistic.

    In addition, a number of things depend on the capabilities of the Free TON blockchain itself. For example, now data can only be stored in workchain 0. But as soon as the drive chain appears, many problems will be solved.

    Storing True NFT Prices and Ownership History

    There was a question about whether the developers are planning to implement the storage of the NFT price and history.

    The developers explained that they do not see the need for this yet. Since all the data is on the blockchain, there is no need to store the NFT history data within the contract. You can make a request through GraphQL and see the whole history.

    Help with True NFT Integration

    It was also asked if any help could be obtained with the True NFT integration and where partners can find sufficient information on the procedure.

    The developers explained that the Grandbazar case shows that you can integrate the solution completely on your own, without additional help.

    All the necessary information is on the website. This link might also be helpful. Questions can be asked in the Telegram group.

    TON Surf Presents

    Developed in September

    The TON Surf team spoke about 4 main features that were added last month.

    1. Crystals top-up. Use the main screen of the Surf app. Here you can scan the QR code and buy Crystals.
    2. Wallet activation. Now you don’t have to ask someone for Crystals to activate your wallet. You can use the Activation DeBot, which will provide you with some Crystals to activate your account.
    3. Security card. Security card deBot has been created. The feature is still in alpha, but you can see how it works by scanning the QR code.
    4. Flash exchange. Also still at the alpha stage.
    Scheduled for October

    The team revealed some of their plans for the current month.

    They start out with an open staking platform. It will be a high-yield platform, as well as a validator platform that provides additional staking options, plus other things the team is still keeping under wraps.

    And True NFT integration of course!

    The Surf team is developing a new interface called media.

    Testing is in progress and the release will take place as soon as all tests have been successfully passed. But the UI part is already ready. All of this is in Open Source and you can check how it works. Although all this is not yet integrated with the actual NFT, you can see some of the images as they look in the chat or in the DeBot browser.

    If you want to suggest something to improve the Surf application, then go to the Free TON forum and create an appropriate topic.