Fri. Dec 31st, 2021
    NFT tickets, NFT

    Do you think NFT is all about the hype around celebrities and weirdos from the art world, show business, etc.? This is no longer the case. And soon NFT-tokens will become an absolutely everyday phenomenon, which we will face if not daily, then as often as we do now when buying tickets for somewhere.

    A work of art, an audio recording, or even an article or a concert ticket can be turned into an NFT token — in short, anything the creator would like to make unique. And once NFT is purchased, the new owner has the full right to dispose of it at his own discretion: keep it, distribute it, or resell it.

    The NFT code is backed by the creator’s signature, which authenticates the token in any browser, on any server. So, if an NFT is created from a concert ticket, it can be identified not only through the ticket sales platform, but also through a blockchain.

    NFT tickets can also help avoid other risks — such as resale on the black market, as Mark Feldman previously detailed in an interview with Free TON House, talking about his project DeTiquet — a ticket sales service.

    In addition, selling NFT tickets to private branded events is a great way to promote your company — by keeping up with the times, you’ll always be in business.

    Oh sport, you are life!

    Dynamo Kyiv became the first football club to issue NFT tickets for the 2021 season. They could be purchased on the Binance platform. Over time, Dynamo plans to sell over 25% of the total number of tickets for home games in the form of NFT. After the purchase, fans will be able to get not only a game ticket, but also unique bonuses and prizes.

    FC Kyiv, supported by the Moonwalk blockchain project, also plans to create a digital economy with a large-scale token ecosystem. The project is still under development.

    “Tokenization of the legendary Kiev club, which we announced at the beginning of 2021, is not a tribute to fashion and not a pursuit of hype. We have a thought-out strategy and a clear goal — in the next two years to make the best Ukrainian club the technological leader of football in Europe, – said the vice-president of the football club Mark Ginzburg. 

    — As early as next year, dozens of professional clubs from around the world, competing in various sports, will use NFT as tickets and collectible assets, but the fact that FC Dynamo (Kyiv) was the first in the world to do so will forever remain in the history of world sports”.


    Event organizers face a number of problems. People often pass for free, unauthorized — they forge and give each other tickets and special bracelets, as a result the organizers lose their money. 

    The second issue is security. The organizers want to know who will attend the event.  It is no coincidence that at the entrance they check the passport of the person who comes to the meeting. Which, by the way, creates another problem — a delay in the queue.

    There is also a secondary market. If you really want to buy a ticket that is no longer on sale, you go to external platforms (such as Telegram), where an anonymous user sells you a ticket in PDF format. How many other people did he offer the same copies to? You can find this out only when you come to the event — did you manage to arrive before the person with the exact same file and QR code.

    Almost all controversial issues are resolved with the help of NFT technology.

    In an interview on the ENVELOP YouTube channel, Olga Filatova, the founder of the NFT event ticketing service FlashBack and Crypto Art Museum, shared:

    “We don’t allow people to sell tickets on the secondary market outside of the platform until after the event. That is, we understand that each ticket is tied to a specific person and wallet, we watch it go through, meaning there is no time to duplicate it.

    — The second point is that we conduct QYC, which the organizers need.  And again, it is impossible to counterfeit a ticket, because at the entrance the person shows his QR code, the QR code is scanned and the person at the entrance receives confirmation that it is him — the ID with this wallet.

    As for the wallet, we also stepped up a little and made it easy enough for people who have nothing to do with crypto. In addition to paying by card, we linked a custodial wallet for platform users.

    More known facts and what’s next?

    • The popular music festival Atlas Weekend, which took place in July in Kiev, also began selling NFT tickets in cooperation with the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. There were 500 NFT tickets allocated for all days of the event, with the help of which users were able to get to the concert through a separate entrance. One unique copy was also offered, its owner got free entrance to the VIP-zone of all future Atlas Weekend festivals. 
    • The international music festival STEREOLETO will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2022. And in honor of this event, the organizers prepared the first and eternal NFT ticket — an exact copy of the very first ticket sold at STEREOLETO back in 2002, which was placed on the Rariblе platform. The buyer of this digital asset, created by NFT artist pvkh3d in a single copy, received the right to attend the festival forever.
    • Renowned billionaire enthusiast Mark Cuban and his associates believe that NFT could become a major new source of income for small businesses and creative directors. Mark is also exploring the possibility of using NFT tickets at Dallas Mavericks team games, allowing the club to earn royalties from ticket resales.


    Experts are convinced that NFT tickets will sooner or later completely replace regular tickets. Reliability, credibility, safety and, of course, convenience — these are the main criteria that will certainly prompt the soonest renewal of ticket service.