Sat. Jun 19th, 2021
    CryptoNumiz, NFT-token, Free TON

    The Free TON community chose the best unique token by holding a contest to get an image of the first NFT coin dedicated to the anniversary of the platform.

    According to the contest organizers, the private CryptoNumiz subgovernance, the NFT coins selected during the contest will by default and forever be the oldest and probably one of the most popular for many years to come. 

    It is assumed that the authors of the winning works will be rewarded not only for winning the contest.

    In addition to the prizes according to the rewards spreadsheet, the winners will also receive 1 CNZ (CryptoNumiz self-managed coin) worth 100 TON — after their release. 

    In addition, if and when the coins are sold at the CryptoNumiz auction on the network, the authors will also receive payment. 

    There is another — potentially endless source of financial reward — every time an artifact is resold through the CryptoNumiz smart contract.

    A total of 111 applications were submitted for the contest. Of these, 43 are rewarded according to their place.

    Review Of Winning Coins: Constructivism, Futurism, And A Bit Of Hype

    Abstract Gold

    1st place — submission #4 

    The absolute maximum score 10 out of 10.

    The work of the French artist Emmanuel Flipo is a multi-layered collage made of improvised materials. The coin is in the typical painter’s style, combining constructivism and elements of calligraphy.

    The author filled the artifact with the idea of the transience of time. The color scheme refers to yellowed rare folios and leaves dried between the pages.

    Despite the complete lack of informative content, the work looks like a work of art and therefore has every chance of becoming a desired trophy for collectors on the NFT market. 

    By the way, Emmanuel Flipo explains his opinion about NFT belonging to art through the fusion of industry and art in modern society. 

    Everything is art. Emmanuel Flipo

    The Opinion Of The Judges And The Reaction Of The Forum

    The judges were pretty much unanimous in determining the winner. Except for one reject (a vote in favor of rejection of the submission), seven of the eight judges gave Emmanuel Flipo’s work the maximum score. Judging by the reaction on the forum, many people did not like this decision. In particular, the judges were accused of bias and a tendency to overestimate scores just for the loud name.

    There is an opinion that the judges do not read the rules of the contest and give good scores either to their friends, or only for the loud name of the participant. (You can see how high scores are given to a work whose design has nothing to do with the Free TON theme).

    However, accusations of bias are common in creative contests, where the choice is very often based on taste preferences.

    High-Quality Silver

    In 2nd place, perhaps, is a perfect realization of the expectations of many fans of the contest, rated at 9.17 points.

    The coin, dedicated to the anniversary of Free TON, looks fresh and technologically advanced. 

    The Art Lab team is behind its creation. According to the authors, Dmitry Trekhsvyatsky and Artem Mirolevich, the design is intended to reflect the principles of decentralization and meritocracy.

    According to the idea of Dmitry and Artem, the honeycomb in the center symbolizes decentralization. And the honeycomb should also refer to the image of hardworking bees, whose merits are rewarded with honey.

    Judges’ Opinion

    The judges noted the good visualization of the idea, interesting shapes, and graphics. For the high quality of the work, half of the jury members who voted gave the highest score of 10.

    Stone Bronze

    The 3rd place went to the original idea — to describe the events of the first year of the Free TON community in a coin. Submission #56 scored 8.83 points.

    The author intentionally used a material texture — stones — to create an immaterial object.

    Each of the stones is signed with a specific first-year community event: black ink for contests, white ink for subgovernances, and blue ink for partnerships.

    The author’s idea of documenting community milestones with material things echoes the concept of contest winner Emmanuel Flipo — to preserve part of the real, tangible world in the NFT. 

    Perhaps the work could use some light correction. On the other hand, the “raw” picture effect may well become a feature of this token.

    Judges’ Opinion

    The jury noted the originality of the idea. The creative solution caused the complete delight of one judge, who did not skimp on epithets in the comments: 

    Now how frigging cool is that? Very original. You can always tell an artist apart. They just see things others don’t (or can’t). I love it! Great use of “do what you feel”.

    Gallery Of Works Not Included In The Top Three

    Sixth place — submission #32

    As one of the judges put it about this work:

    Blown away! Just blown away. It says everything that Free TON stands for. No more words. Shut up and take my money.

    Ninth place — submission #91

    A literal reading of the task and a classic coin. And, as you know, classics are always good.

    4th place — submission #93

    The animated series “Rick and Morty” immediately comes to mind. A funny picture framed by a binary code — the jury is confident that the coin will be successful at auction.


    According to the terms of the contest, the winners will upload their Numiz to the CryptoNumiz website and the coins will be put up for auction. Of additional interest to NFT collectors is the virtual reverse of the coins.

    The peculiarity of NFT is that only one side of the coin is visible to everyone. The reverse side is visible only to the owner. It can contain a picture as well as video, music or any other information.

    The reverse is encrypted and can be decrypted with the public key by the token buyer.