Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    Free TON, Free TON House

    In June, the Free TON project news and educational websites contest ended. We tell you about its goals, conditions, and results, and introduce you to the works of the winning teams. We pay attention to whether the participants continue to develop their projects.

    Contest Goals And Terms

    In discussing the contest proposal, Ron Millow outlined the goals of the contest in this way:

    Support the ongoing efforts of teams implementing media projects and facilitate their further development in the form of web platforms covering the Free TON project in terms of news, analytics and education.

    The main idea was to attract teams capable of creating high-quality and versatile content about Free TON, and ready to support and develop their product in the long term.

    Participants were offered to submit fully developed and functioning platforms with a variety of content to the contest. This step was to help the judges evaluate the capabilities of the applicants.

    The websites had to meet the following requirements:

    • from 50 or more publications in English; 
    • at least ⅔ of all publications must be about the Free TON project;
    • at least ⅔ of all publications must be unique;
    • connection with the Free TON ecosystem (links);
    • unique design;
    • website load speed must be at least 50 for computers and mobile devices.

    In addition, judges were asked to evaluate projects using quantitative and qualitative criteria. The score was based on the number of articles and languages in which they were published, the level of structured content, website navigation, design quality, content diversity, and the extent to which the website contributed to the self-education of visitors.

    A number of conditions included the procedure for transferring the rewards to the winners. Since the community is interested in real working projects, it becomes necessary to make sure that the website doesn’t stop developing after the contest ends. As a result, the tokens for the prize places are listed in three parts. The first part is after the contest is over. The rest are at one-month intervals and only if the winners demonstrate the website is still functional, and the team has published at least 30 new materials in each period.

    Teams with at least 7 points could qualify for the first to third places, and teams with at least 6 points for the fourth and fifth places.

    1st place — 150 000 (50 000 + 50 000 + 50 000) TON Crystal
    2nd place — 105 000 (35 000 + 35 000 + 35 000) TON Crystal
    3rd place — 75 000 (25 000 + 25 000 + 25 000) TON Crystal
    4th place — 45 000 (15 000 + 15 000 + 15 000) TON Crystal
    5th place — 30 000 (10 000 + 10 000 + 10 000) TON Crystal

    About 50 people were involved in judging. 16 applications were submitted for the contest.

    Five Teams That Won Prizes

    Free TON News — 5th place

    Submission #11 from the Free TON News project team scored 6.89 points.

    The judges noted the attractive design and good structure of the website. The comments were about the uniqueness of the content, the variety, and the number of articles.

    In the contest submission, the creators of the website reported a total of 265 publications in English and Russian.

    The team plans to reach over 5,000 monthly active users by October 2021, set up a newsletter via DeBot, and publish over 500 articles.

    Articles continue to be published after the contest ends. As of July 29, the latest material was published on July 13.

    FreeTON.GURU — 4th place

    Submission #8 from Free TON.Guru — 7.02 points.

    The jury members commended the website’s navigation and the convenience of communication with it. Comments were related to the content, article style, and design.

    The presentation contains data about more than 60 articles in two languages: Russian and English.

    The creators of the website plan to attract teams for active work in the community, add languages, and increase the level of complexity of the articles.

    The website is functioning, new articles are posted. As of July 29, the latest material was published on July 14.

    GramKit — 3rd place

    Submission #7 from the project scored 7.77 points.

    The website earned the judges’ favor by its technical implementation, the quality of its articles, and the fact that its team has been covering the development of Free TON since the launch of the blockchain. The comments were about the small number of publications and the uniqueness of the articles.

    The presentation of the contestants shows data about over 60 articles in English and Russian.

    GramKit acts as an aggregator website, collecting news from FreeTON.House,, and FreeTON.WiKi.

    Website development plans are shown in the presentation up to July 2022. These include daily publications of Free TON news, improving the search engine of the website with the involvement of Telegram channels.

    The site continues to be filled with a variety of content after the contest is over. As of July 29, the latest material was published on July 27.

    FreeTON.Zone — 2nd place

    The authors of submission #9, the FreeTON.Zone project team was given 8.32 points.

    The judges noted the site’s accessibility to readers, thanks to publications in 5 languages, including Chinese. The feature is the ability to load the mobile version of the website using a QR code. Comments from the judges concerned the uniqueness of articles and the website design.

    In the presentation, the team emphasized that the main language of the site is English and submitted 162 articles in it for the contest. They also focused on navigation.

    The team plans to reach 33,000 unique users by the end of 2021, add other publication languages, and apply for the ASME Innovation Awards. Participants promised to spend all funds received for participation in the contest on the realization of the roadmap.

    Now the site continues to develop, new materials appear, although the frequency of publications has not yet been established. As of July 29, the latest material was published on July 29.

    FreeTON.House — 1st place

    Submission #2 from our team scored 8.57 points.

    We thank everyone who wished our project to win.

    Free TON House, Free TON

    The jury noted the high quality of the content and the wide coverage of the audience, thanks to the four languages of the publications. The opinions of the judges were divided about the design of the site and its structure.

    In the presentation, we talked about the work we’ve done since October 2020 — about published articles, the number of website visitors, and the variety of publications. For a qualitative assessment, the judges were offered 188 publications.

    Our future development plans are detailed in the roadmap and cover a wide variety of aspects of the site: design, structure, new types of content, and user attraction.

    After the contest is over, the team’s work continues — we publish articles every day.


    Thanks to the contest, Free TON supported five websites and their teams, which cover the development of the community. This should help to make a confident step towards a better promotion of the Free TON project and attract the attention of an audience that has not yet been involved with its products, solutions, contests, and other events.

    The FTH team continues to follow the development of the Free TON ecosystem, understand new blockchain technologies and crypto industry trends, and most importantly, describe it all clearly to our readers.