Thu. Jun 17th, 2021
    Christmas cards. Free TON

    In the completed contest for the best Christmas and New Year greeting card design from the Free TON community, the judges had to choose the most worthy of more than two hundred entries.

    One of the requirements for the work is that you want to send the greeting card to friends and family.

    The strongest works really energize you with positive emotions and the desire to share them.

    The organizers also did a great job. Already by the beginning of voting, the contest field was cleared of duplicates — weeds and unoriginal works. This greatly simplified the judicial work. And although the forum members still found someone to catch in plagiarism, in this contest it was rather an exception.

    According to the rules of the contest, the awards were distributed among works with an average score of at least 6. The higher the score, the more significant the reward. As a result, 68 participants of the contest got the awards.

    Top 10 Contest Winners

    1st place

    Greeting card № 275 8.7 points. The victory was shared by two greeting cards presented under the same number:

    Christmas cards. Free TON

    Most of the judges left enthusiastic comments about the work:

    Postcards are just what we need! Professional work. Unique piece of work, nice and attractive design.

    However, among the ratings given to the winner, there is one suggestion to reject the work (“reject”). The community forum discussed the specifics of the judging of this jury member, who, according to the participants, gave undeservedly low marks to many works.

    2nd place

    Greeting card № 155 — 8.61 points. The author presented not only the result of his work, but also sketches of the creative process.

    Christmas card. Free TON
    Christmas card. Sketches

    It is fascinating to watch the development of the artist’s idea.We see how in the process the greeting inscription moves up, and the entire composition is grounded. The character’s gaze shifts from the laptop to the viewer, the hero ceases to be static and calls to raise a mug of hot drink for the holidays. Real creativity and great design.

    Opinion of one of the judges who gave the highest score:

    The best illustration on this contest that suits all my expectation about how should look 1st place work. Excellent.

    3rd place

    Greeting card № 24 8.42 points. Talented work, which is a set of three episodes about a funny Santa stickman: Santa nestles comfortably on the horns of the bull the symbol of 2021, Santa makes a crystal butterfly angel and Santa rides around on the bull, jauntily scattering crystals from a leaky bag with gifts.

    3rd place. Free TON Christmas

    A great move with congratulations is a play on words with the wish of happy crystals in the coming year. Creativity worthy of the highest place.

    The opinion of one of the judges, with which we fully agree:

    Awesome, the author made 3 versions of the greeting card and each one looks really cool, I like 2 and 3.

    4th place

    Greeting card № 274 — 8.18 points. Everything is thought out: soft lighting, reflection of light from the icy surface on which the virtual city of Free TON stands.

    4th place. Free TON Christmas

    It makes you want to scroll beyond the greeting card to learn more about this small cozy universe. It is clear why the greeting card made such an impression on the judges: 

    So sweet greeting card! Original and Complicated. One of the best, i think.

    5th place

    Greeting card № 167 — 8.15 points. A great design solution. The 3D model makes the card almost real, you want to take it and twirl it in your hands.

    Christmas cards. Free TON

    Perhaps the concept and characters are not quite in the spirit of Free TON. However, the judges were not confused — the work closes the top five.

    6th place

    Greeting card № 209 — 8.09 points. Perhaps one of the most controversial works.

    6th place. Free TON Christmas
    7th place

    Greeting card № 222 — 8 points. Greeting card in the spirit of Free TON.

    7th place. Free TON Christmas

    While the cost of bitcoin written on the rocket is no longer relevant, the idea of launching a Crystal in a race with Bitcoin is fascinating. Challenge, enthusiasm and a sense of humor all rolled into one.

    8th place

    Greeting card № 157 — 7.92 points. The trick of the work is the visualization of sound effects that complement the author’s idea. A masterstroke to create the feeling of a live picture.

    8th place. Free TON Christmas

    This is how the author himself comments on his work:

    Sometimes there is only one moment between gray, dull, monotonous life and real happiness — just as much is required for the transfer of TON Crystals at the blockchain network. It’s easy to make a great gift.

    9th place

    Work № 180 — 7.90 points. Cyberpunk has been loved by many.

    9th place. Free TON Christmas

    A clearly depicted character and blurred background. There is a guess that in this way the designer gave the cyborg additional volume. Thanks to the sensitivity and understanding of the jury, the attempt can be considered successful. Despite criticism of the work from commentators, many judges gave a high rating.

    10th place

    Greeting card № 255 — 7.72 points. A cute picture in cool colors with fauna corresponding to the Far North.

    10th place. Free TON Christmas

    The connection between the concept and Free TON is not quite clear.Nevertheless, against the background of numerous crystalloids, the work looks fresh. As one of the judges noted, the greeting card is perfect for publication in the Russian-language segment.

    By the way, other works aimed at a local audience also took part in the contest. For example, Spanish-language greeting cards scored quite high, although they did not enter the top ten.

    What was discussed on the forum

    While the judges were evaluating the greeting cards, the forum did not stop arguing about what to consider plagiarism. After all, most of the authors of the works were somehow inspired by ready-made ideas. Even the first-place winner used images very similar to stock images.


    If we go by this, every submission can be labelled as plagiarized. Many things from any greeting card can be found online.

    The issue of at what stage of processing the image is no longer considered borrowed remains open.

    Also, the forum traditionally criticized the judging. A group of community members even conducted an investigation into alleged contest violations.

    Rejecting — offer… and embody 

    Unique ideas, original design solutions, and of course, the spirit of Christmas is what this contest will be remembered for. Of course, many participants did not agree with the distribution of places and shared their position on the forum. 

    By the way, judges and organizers were active in the discussion along with the participants of the contest: they answered questions and argued their opinion. For example, during the discussions, one of the organizers voiced the idea of creating a jury code. In response to the criticisms, there was a reminder of the spirit of Free TON and the policy of decentralization:

    Alexander, I am a member of the community just like you, why do you say that the jury’s code has just now been proposed, why did you not, for example, suggest it? There is no company here that is obliged to do it, this proposal to create a code is my personal initiative. There is no sense to be offended here, let’s be honest, you offer you do. That’s how it works around here.

    Obviously, the participants, the judges, and the organizers are worried about the idea. Therefore, with each new contest, the system will be improved. In the meantime, the results of the contest indicate an attempt to develop a universal approach to evaluating creativity and at the same time demonstrate the taste preferences of community members.