Sat. Nov 27th, 2021
    free ton freeton QuickAppNinja

    QAN (QuickAppNinja) is a community of around 230,000 Android quiz developers.

    Developers independently publish their projects in GooglePlayStore and make money on it. About 2 million people download and install games every month, and the total number of installations has already approached 170 million.

    Partnership Benefits for QAN

    On the Free TON blockchain QAN will be able to attract hundreds of thousands of new users every month, as well as use the platform for advertising, accounting and user motivation.

    The QAN community plans to create its own store on the basis of Free TON. Each game will be available in HTML5 – there is no need to open it through Android or IOS, so the number of users will increase.

    Free TON will allow users to create wallets with a transparent system of work. However, in order to receive their tokens, they will have to install TON Surf and become active Free TON users.

    Partnership Benefits for Free TON:

    – the QAN website and store will demonstrate how fast and efficient Free TON is, and how easily it handles business processes;

    – every month, QAN will attract hundreds of thousands of new users to Free TON, as well as motivate them to install TON Surf;

    – blockchain will be promoted through the game industry.

    QAN and Free TON partnership plan:

    1. QAN develops its website and store on the Free TON platform;

    2. QAN hires subcontractors to develop Smart Contracts;

    3. QAN, together with subcontractors, integrates Smart Contracts into the business processes of its website and store;

    4. QAN together with Free TON announces the availability of a new service, actively promotes it through blockchain, gaming events and media.

    In total, QAN will receive 1,900,000 TON Crystal. In addition, for every 100,000 new wallets created, QAN will receive a bonus of 300,000 TON Crystal. Upon reaching the number of 1,000,000 users, he will receive another 3,000,000 TON Crystal.


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