Sun. Jan 2nd, 2022
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    Proxy is an intermediary between a user and Internet resources. When receiving a request from a user, the proxy passes it on, hiding the IP address of the person from whom it received the request.

    The main advantages of using a proxy:

    • protection from network attacks;
    • the ability to connect multiple machines with only one IP address;
    • saving traffic;
    • the ability to restrict access to certain web resources or bypass site blocking by replacing the user’s location.

    There are several types of proxies:

    1. HTTP, HTTPS — universal proxies used to download information, view web resources;
    2. Socks — functionally similar to HTTP, but with a higher level of encryption. Works with special browser programs;
    3. CGI — a browser-based proxy. With its help, the user remains anonymous;
    4. FTP — a popular corporate proxy that protects against external threats and allows information to be exchanged between local computers and web services.