Thu. Jul 29th, 2021
    Virtual Hero of Free TON

    The “Virtual Hero / Spokesperson of Free TON” contest has become the most popular in the history of Free Ton. More than 120 submissions have been received!

    First, it was supposed to award the first 20 places. However, it turned out that many of the entries contain brilliant conceptual ideas, but unfortunately, they will not make it into the top twenty.

    To support the enthusiasm of the community members who developed the Free TON heroes, and to encourage them to participate in future contests, it is proposed to increase the number of prizes and reward the authors of the 50 best entries.

    The community is asked for an additional 15,000 TONs. The total prize fund of the competition can be 100,000 TONs.

    Our opinion. You can already see all 122 proposed heroes. In the near future, on our blog, we will analyze the submissions and try to predict who will be in the favorites.


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