Mon. Jan 3rd, 2022
    greeting card design

    In the lead up to Christmas, Free TON announced the contest in tune with the New Year and Christmas mood. Organizers invite everyone to express their creative abilities and create a greeting card in Free TON style. 

    The contest has already started, submission deadline is December 21 (23:59 UTC).

    What should postcards be like?

    Participants will have to fantasize and develop a unique design. No templates or standard solutions. The postcard should attract attention, be interesting and memorable, so that people have a desire to send it to their friends and acquaintances.

    What’s important for design?

    First of all, it should be quality work with perfect pixel design. Participants can offer their own vision of the colors and logo if they so wish. And in addition, postcards should be static, without animation. 

    Anyone who decides to participate in the contest must study the rules for design and posting. 

    By the way, the number of postcards that each author can develop and submit to the contest is not limited.

    What about prizes?

    It is said that amazing things happen for Christmas and New Year. Therefore, the organizers of the contest tried to make sure that as many talented participants as possible could receive gifts. Each submission with an average score of 6 and above will receive a participation reward. The top prize for the first place is 2,595.04 TON crystals.

    Comments by Mikhail Kabanov — the initiator and the member of the jury contest

    FTH: How does this contest differ from other contests? What is the goal and what is expected as a result?

    M.K .: First of all, we added an item for posting Twitter submissions. Since it is much easier to make a postcard than a video, we assume that there will be many, many submissions. So why not pack Twitter with them? It’s just a few clicks for a member but for the network, it’s organic promotion. Promotion through beautiful images with the Free TON theme.

    Let’s see how it works, I guess it should turn out well. And we will continue this practice, possibly expanding the list of social networks where it is proposed to post your work.

    FTH: What is the expected result of offering an award for all submissions that scored 6 and more points? Does it mean that 6 points will be difficult to get? Are there any benchmarking criterias that will allow the judges to determine that a six-point threshold has been passed?

    M.K .: Web & Design Subgovernance decided to try different models for distributing awards. There was one model for the video contest, it is a little different here. It’s not an easy task to create a good postcard, but bad postcards based on stock templates, what do we need them for? We raised the bar on purpose to sort out quality and original submissions.

    It has been said many times, but I will repeat that once again “objective refereeing” is a very relative formulation. Especially in creative contests. A simple example: imagine a horse. Imagined? And now the questions: is it a mare or a gelding? White or black? In apples or not? Young or old? You see, it turns out that everyone imagines “their” horse. Same thing in judging. 

    “objective refereeing” is a very relative formulation.

    Due to the fact that we have more than 20 jury members, we get a high variance of assessments — someone judges very strictly, they have their own reasons, someone is being loyal — welcome, it’s up to you. As a result, we get an average picture.


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