Mon. Jan 3rd, 2022
    Free TON. Essay competition

    Free TON Positioning Essay” was held from September 24 to October 1. Participants were required to describe the blockchain in their own words.

    The jury members distributed the prize crystals among the authors who took places from 1 to 20. Our editorial team wants to tell about the best essays — TOP-5. This time we present a brief overview of these five works, and then each essay separately.

    1st place

    The author of essay No. 62 discusses two finals of the network technology development: dystopian and utopian, leaning towards the first. However, in the case of Free TON, the inherent creative genius of Nikolai Durov and the loyal community of developers lead history to a utopian finale — the golden age of freedom, cooperation and equal opportunities for all.

    2nd place

    The author of essay No. 54 presents Free TON not only as a tool for changing the monetary and organizational status quo, but also as a means of realizing freedom: economic, digital and freedom of thought, of course.

    3rd and 4th place

    Both essays are by Maria Kotelnikova.

    The main idea of essay No. 60 is that the world needs Free TON so that we can feel independence again. Only teamwork will help to achieve great results, and not the use of imposed typical solutions to standard problems. The essay was addressed to a general audience.

    Essay No. 61 is addressed to developers. Its idea is that many people who want to get into IT are mistaken, thinking that money is falling from the sky in this area. In any area, first of all, you need to constantly improve and develop. Free TON just changes the way developers think about creating web applications: tokens are received only by those who work and move forward.

    5th place

    In essay No. 2 Mikhail Kabanov clearly and concisely talks about all the benefits of Free TON and explains why you should strive to become a part of this community. Anyone can do it; you just need to find a management group in Free TON that will benefit from your talents.

    From No. 5 we will begin our publication of the TOP-5 contest entries “Free TON Positioning Essay”.


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