Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
    PokerTON Free TON

    The launch of Free TON in May 2020 was preceded by the history of the forced refusal of the Durov brothers from the TON project. But here they are together again – you can play at PokerTON in Telegram.

    Details of PokerTON’s success on Telegram

    FreeTON and Telegram are ecosystems. In Telegram, not only the opportunity to play appeared, but also the game telegram news channels Pokerton, pokerton_bot, player chats. The header of the Russian-language chat says:

    “PokerTON is a poker club that you can join without leaving Telegram and play with thousands of users from all over the world!”

    There is even a user Viktor Tsoi in the game chat. For Russian-speaking fans this rock performer is like for English-speaking Elvis Presley, who is always alive!

    How many participants are in the chat? 1265 people. After all, this is just the beginning (the chat was created on July 21, 2020), and Telegram boasts more than 400 million users. A huge audience ready to learn about the Free TON blockchain platform through PokerTON and Сrystal prizes.

    Why is PokerTON in Telegram better than regular poker rooms?

    PokerTON is a poker room, but in Telegram itself. No additional registration or download required! And another plus, common for both Telegram and Free TON, is the anonymity of the players. PokerTON is a world created exclusively for players. There is no intermediary – a casino. The winnings are translated without delay – bot will help you!

    Half a million to reach the goal

    Tournaments at PokerTON have been running for six months and have become daily. Participation in the tournament is not only completely free, but also gives an opportunity to take part in the prize fund drawing. How big is it? 100 TON Сrystals – on weekdays and 500 – on Sunday. Since the start of the tournaments, the winners have already had 14,500 Сrystals.

    Is it a lot or a little? Who does not remember the legendary story of 2010, when 10,000 bitcoins were paid for 2 pizzas? Today it is more than $ 100 million. So take part in free tournaments and keep your TON-wallet open. In total, 300,000 Сrystals will be invested in PokerTON through tournaments!

    FreeTON development with PokerTON

    A well-thought-out partnership strategy between FreeTON and PokerTON, which will help develop the community, attract new members and distribute TON Crystal, includes:

    – encouragement of administrators of Telegram channels and chats;

    – encouragement of players who have invited friends;

    – “marking” players to quickly gather friends at their tables;

    – holding a series of tournaments with guaranteed TON-prizes;

    – formation of your own poker team, which will take part in PokerTON offline tournaments.


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