Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    GalaxyOnline, ParasHQ, Free TON

    The use of new NFT technologies in online games allows the player to own virtual game items and values. This option is now available to users of GalaxyOnline, a Free TON partner.

    Free TON is integrated into the GalaxyOnline online gaming universe, and community members can join its base galaxy, choose a race, and play while receiving TON Crystal on their account.

    Now that ParasHQ has become a partner and official NFT marketplace for GalaxyOnline, players can become new users of NFT items and earn money from it.

    GalaxyOnline representatives Petr Sevastyanov and Sergey Malyarov talked about this and more at the AMA session with Paras-community representatives. The live broadcast turned out to be fascinating and informative.

    GalaxyOnline is a unique game

    GalaxyOnline representatives first told the audience why their project is unique, and how it differs from other multiplayer online games.

    First, GalaxyOnline is a space MMO strategy game with a live economy, in which each game race is a separate blockchain, the players of this race are a community of blockchains. Each race has its own galaxies, guilds, corporations, clans, alliances, space stations, and plays under its own blockchain flag.

    Galaxy Online differs from other MMOs because it unites users of different blockchains in a single game environment. The success of blockchain, a united community, and the perfect technology of the favorites will show who rules the universe.

    Secondly, GalaxyOnline is the only game where players themselves participate in its development and testing. In the future, it is generally planned to transfer control to the gaming community and implement changes in the project by voting.

    Through The Game To The World Of The Latest Technologies

    GalaxyOnline representatives stated the mission of the project — to introduce people to blockchain technology through an exciting gameplay. Any user who knows nothing about blockchain can learn the basics and principles of its work in a gaming form.

    The game has a training academy, which each user completes after registration. Players don’t need to know anything about cryptocurrencies or blockchain in advance to enter the game. They start and gradually learn more and more about blockchain and NFT.

    Benefits Of NFT For Players And Investors

    Most importantly, GalaxyOnline representatives revealed what the GalaxyOnline and ParasHQ collaboration will bring to players.

    NFT blockchain games are one of the fastest-growing gaming industries in the world today. It is known that every year gamers spend a lot of money on gaming assets. Before the NFT boom, virtual property purchased with real money was not the property of the player. In fact, the players did not buy the game item, but rented it. But now the situation has changed.

    Thanks to the partnership agreement with ParasHQ, the GalaxyOnline platform has become even more attractive for both investors and players. A player can buy a game item or a skill, improve it during the game, or sell it to another player for money. The investor, on the other hand, may not play the game, but rent out their NFTs. This applies to NFT commanders and space stations.

    Even if the game suddenly closes down, thanks to NFT technology, the acquired virtual items will remain in the player’s ownership. This means that players can use these virtual goods in another game. Paras and GalaxyOnline partnership allows players to trade or sell in-game items outside of the game.

    GalaxyOnline Intriguing Plans

    At the end of the conversation, GalaxyOnline representatives announced their plans to continue developing and not to stop at what has been achieved. 

    The company is going to create a new and expand the old features, including in-game NFT functionality, which will surprise everyone. 

    GalaxyOnline aims for a long and productive partnership with the Paras trading platform. And members of the Free TON community who play GalaxyOnline get the opportunity to earn by playing and investing.