Mon. Jan 3rd, 2022
    TON Surf, Free TON, TON Crystal

    TON Surf developers announce a new feature. It will allow generating links, QR codes, buttons, and actions for a wide range of operations with both TON Crystal tokens and, hopefully, with other TIP-3 tokens (here we are hinting at stablecoins).

    After such significant TON Surf updates as DeBots and staking, another major release arrived in mid-spring. The new feature will allow any communicator user to independently establish and simplify the process of interaction with business partners, customers, or the community.

    The link can be used in a variety of areas of interaction between TON Surf and the outside world.


    • payment for services,
    • opening chats,
    • contacting DeBots,
    • subscriptions,
    • voting.

    How it works: the user generates a link, button, or QR code and pins it to the contact page. Depending on the information included in the link, TON Surf performs certain actions. This may include opening a payment window for a service, entering a chat, redirecting to a vote, or subscribing.

    Areas Of Use

    Stores, services, and startups can accept payment through TON Surf using links or a code. The customer just needs to follow the link to complete the transaction.

    Exchanges can accept tokens to accounts faster using a QR code.

    Also, the code posted on the site can be used as a button for collecting donations.

    The feature should make life easier for active bloggers on social networks. Now the link-button “support the author” after each article will autostart the process of transferring funds.

    According to the same scheme, a link generated by TON Surf, placed in the telegram bot, can automate the payment process for the product.

    Thus, with the help of the new functionality, the user can set up a comfortable flow/way of interacting with the outside world, starting with business contacts and ending with social contacts in the public sphere.


    The launch of the new TON Surf feature is already this week. And some exclusive information.