Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
    Non-custodial Staking, Staking

    Non-custodial staking is available for cryptocurrency holders who want to earn money on staking and independently choose validators.

    Staking Without Intermediaries

    Possible non-custodial staking options: 

    1. Own node and work as a validator, in case the amount of cryptocurrency and equipment allows.
    2. Choosing a validator, to the stake of which your funds will be added, and their independent deposit, if there are proper mechanisms for this on the blockchain.

    There are non-custodial applications that allow you to transfer cryptocurrency to the staking of different blockchains. They don’t get access to funds but simply provide information on the yield of different currencies.

    Advantages Of Non-custodial Staking

    1. Independent choice of the validator.
    2. Safety of the staking procedure — there are no third parties.
    3. Improving knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

    Disadvantages Of Non-custodial Staking

    1. A fairly high level of technical knowledge is required.
    2. Longer time to withdraw funds from staking compared to custodial services.
    3. To work with your own node requires expensive equipment and a significant amount of tokens.

    Non-custodial services: TON.Surf, ExtraTON,