Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
    Chatex bot

    After six months of joint work, Chatex conducted a survey among the members of the Free TON community about what new functions are needed in the Chatex bot. Its results are already known, and soon some suggestions will appear in the updated version of Chatex bot.

    Voting results:

    • 33% — TON Crystal weekly/monthly staking in the Chatex wallet (similar to banking deposit mechanics)
    • 24% — TON Crystal-based payment system. For example, to transfer funds to a mobile phone account.
    • 16% — Lower  withdrawal commission fees.
    • 14% — Chatex app on your smartphone. At the same time, the creators themselves emphasize that the chatbot is more resistant to hacker attacks than the mobile and web versions of the platform.
    • 4% — The history of  TON Crystal transactions.
    • 9%, alas, did not use Chatex at all.

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