Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021
    NeverMind the Shitcoins, Ben Sunderland

    Welcome to the first ever crypto and blockchain panel quiz show. Sort of a news show, sort of a pub quiz.

    Ignore this podcast and you’ll never find out the answers to such teasers as: 

    1. Syrup and rabbits, what’s the connection?
    2. Is Sister Act feeding us false information?
    3. Who the f**k is Barbara?

    Test your knowledge with the participants.

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    Ben Sunderland @mrbsunder1and31, Senior Community Manager at TON Labs.

    Team captains:
    Ron Millow @Ronmillow, Chief Sales & CBDO at TON Labs; Mitja Goroshevsky @Futurizt, CTO and Co-founder at TON Labs;

    Special guests:
    Joanne Eberhard @powderedtoastwmn, VP Marketing Communications at TON labs; Eugene Morozov @EMMorozov, Vice President of Business Development at TON labs.