Fri. Dec 31st, 2021
    NeverMind, Ben Sunderland

    Bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain and quizzes.

    Join host Benjamin Bateman and score keep Dionne Amy Edwards as they test cryptocurrency experts for weird and wacky blockchain trivia.

    Today our guests are Alexander Filatova, Joanne Eberhart, Antoine Morand, Vladamir Maslykov and Noam Y.

    Not the News

    What has happened in the world of cryptocurrencies this week? Don’t you know? Ben will give hints, and the guests will try to guess! VISA in the NFT market, something about Binance and the future of cryptocurrency in the US.

    Craig Wright/Craig Wrong

    Craig Wright is known for publicly proclaiming himself the person behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Some believe him, some do not, but Ben takes the opportunity and offers to play a new fun game. The host says different phrases, and the guests have to guess which of them really belong to Craig Wright, and which Ben invented.

    Play Your NFTs Right

    Another game from Ben, who recently sold his first NFT on the Free TON Grandbazar.

    The host invites the participant to describe the NFT images, and the guests try to guess how much they were sold for. And since the NFT market is now going crazy, you will have to drop logic and rely on intuition. Pictures may seem ordinary to you, but their prices exceed millions of dollars.

    Crypto Innuendo

    And everyone’s favourite tongue in cheek fast fire quiz round. 2 questions, 1 answer, put them together and you will see what we get… 

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