Fri. Dec 31st, 2021
    NeverMind the Shitcoins, Benjamin Bateman

    The first season of the crazy podcast about cryptocurrencies and blockchains with games and quizzes has ended. Host Benjamin Bateman invites you to relax and remember the best moments of the season.

    What Did They Talk About on Podcasts?

    In just eight episodes, the host and guests were able to discuss a lot of stories and news from the crypto world, as well as dilute them with a huge number of obscenities and turn any complexities of the crypto industry into games and jokes. So if it seems to you that the crypto world is too boring and complicated, then join the podcast and see otherwise.

    For example, in the “Not the News” round, you can look at the events of the crypto world from an unexpected angle. You will learn many interesting and strange details about influencers (from trolling of Craig Wright to trolling of Peter Schiff), DeFi, NFT and other technologies. You will hear expert opinion and understand where everything is going. Or maybe, on the contrary, you will get confused. But be sure to get inspired!

    What Were They Playing?

    Since Ben can turn everything he can reach into a game, they played a lot and with enthusiasm.

    For example, do you feel like you are well informed because you followed what was happening in the world of cryptocurrencies this week? Don’t be overconfident! Ben will hint at some events, and the guests will try to guess what he is talking about.

    Or, for example, innocent trolling of Craig Wright suddenly turns into a Craig Wright / Craig Wrong game, in which the host offers utterances, and the guests try to guess which ones really belong to Craig Wright and which ones are invented by Ben.

    Some of the games were especially liked by the listeners and moved from episode to episode.

    Play Your NFTs Right

    Can you guess from the description of the NFT about its market price?

    The host invites the participant to describe the image in words, and the guests try to guess how much it was sold for. Something is worth a penny, something is millions of dollars. And if you think that logic and common sense will help you, you have not yet realized how unpredictable the current NFT market is.

    Crypto Innuendo

    Everyone’s favorite round of the quiz, in which there are 2 questions and 2 answers, combining which we get one correct answer.

    What’s Next?

    Nevermind the Shitcoins is the only cryptocurrency quiz podcast and also the 17th best cryptocurrency podcast according to Feedspot.

    The podcast has Twitter, YouTube, tons of crazy cryptocurrency content, and giveaways at the end of the first season. They also have their own defi coin, which they plan to distribute to subscribers in the near future, so that they can use it to learn and earn some money.

    Season 2 of the podcast has already started and there will be new games and new great guests. For example, from the social crypto platform Blockster.

    The host thanks all the guests of the first season, subscribers, and everyone who participated!