Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

    Messari Research Hub is a startup company that aims to increase transparency in cryptocurrency. Perhaps this is the main analytical platform in the crypto industry, which is known for its high-quality large-scale research based on the analysis of blockchain transaction data.

    An open-source data library for crypto-assets or digital asset companies was created for this purpose. The information provided is widely used by researchers, investors, and regulators. Co-founder and CEO Ryan Selkis has suggested the project may eventually be used to create a self-regulatory organization (SRO) for cryptocurrency.

    Cryptocurrencies Under The Microscope: What Can Be Learned

    The Messari registry is similar to the EDGAR, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) database, but differs in that, as mentioned above, it adheres to the open-source model, and the focus is on cryptocurrencies. The library has all the information about projects, which previously was very difficult to put together.

    For example, you can find out details about:

    • token development;
    • coin offerings;
    • technology audits;
    • official communication channels;
    • management of funds;
    • information about the participants of a particular project.

    Ryan Selkis states that the platform aims primarily to make information available not only to scientists and investors but also to the common man. In other words, anyone interested can learn everything they need to know about any noteworthy (and verified!) cryptocurrency.

    And it will be transparent and impartial information.

    The Nuances Of Finding And Joining

    Currently, a number of companies have project profiles that can be viewed on their website, on the “Research” tab, including information about such well-known ones as Polymath, VeChain, 0x, etc.

    The database is regulated by a system that uses digital tokens, called a “token-curated registry” (TCR). Thus, the source of information is managed by a select group of people who hold digital tokens for that registry. Anyone can access this information database for research, educational, or just personal use.

    Any company can apply for inclusion in the registry by using the contacts provided on the Messari website. Next, the application will go through a detailed verification, which will be a decision: to include the project in the database or not.

    In the future, the Messari platform is planned to be decentralized.

    Messari Platform Architecture

    The Messari community consists of people who fall into four categories, which are described in the company’s whitepaper.

    1. Applicants are people who wish to disclose information about a company to the database.
    2. Consumers are people who access the database. They represent the typical “customer” or “client” role in Messari’s business.
    3. Curators are people who get Messari’s digital tokens from other “curators”. This gives them the right to vote in favor of new applicants and their project pages, vote for alterations or the removal of content from project pages, and vote for amendments to the TCR’s constitution. 
    4. Validators are people designated by “curators” to quality-check Messari’s “whitelist” for a fee, like a proxy advisor in the equities market.
    Benefits Of Working With Messari

    Definitely, joining the Messari database is an increase in transparency of a particular crypto project and, in addition, marketing support for the product. If the project has passed all quality standards, it will be accepted into the registry. That is, it’s like a public mark of quality — like a restaurant being awarded a Michelin star.

    Free TON has joined the Messari Research Hub

    In the near future, data on TON Crystal, the native token of the Free TON project, will be posted on the Messari platform. At the moment, a detailed token profile is already available to all users: information about the launch date of the main network, a description of the main functions of the token and the Free TON blockchain, details about the governance system, the type of consensus and the method of emission, Giver wallet addresses, and other important data.


    You can also view the current price and turnover data of TON Crystal in the largest cryptocurrency data aggregators — CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.