Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

    Marvel to release NFT digital collectibles

    Five Spider-Man NFTs will go on sale today. These are the first non-fungible tokens in the collection. The digital collectible tokens range from $40 to $400 apiece. At the same time, the more expensive the collection token, the lower its circulation. For example, the “regular” Amazing Spider-Man NFT figure will be available to 32,000 customers, while the “super rare” Ultimate Animated Spider-Man NFT figure will be released in just 1,000 pieces. 3D digital NFT Spider-Man figures can be viewed from all angles and displayed in customizable virtual showrooms. Later this month, VeVe will put up five covers for Marvel Comics #1, the company’s original 1939 comic, for sale on NFT. Then the NFT series with Captain America will be released at a price of $13 per piece.