Fri. Dec 31st, 2021

    Three weeks have passed since the start of the reality show “Making money on crypto. Test-Drive”. We will share information about which platforms and invested tokens helped us earn the most. And we will also invite you to take part in choosing the next steps — vote for the new platform — link at the end of the article!

    The calculations exclude exchange fees and slippages, so the final profit may vary slightly.

    WTON-WETH on TON Swap

    The only pair where both tokens are invested with a changing rate is WTON-WETH — which is on the TON Swap exchange. Initially, LP tokens worth $200 were sent to the exchange.

    TON Swap, Making Money On Crypto, Farming

    In 3 weeks, the profit was 31.29 WTON

    TON Swap has a 120-day vesting period. That’s why only 2.74 WTON from the profit we can immediately withdraw, and 28.55 — remains on the exchange account until the end of the vesting period.

    The Crystal rate grew for the first time since investing in farming — $0.393 per 1 TON, and before that it was holding at $0.359. Profit in dollar equivalent was $12.3

    Due to the WETH and WTON rate growth this week, there is now about $244 on the account on which the farming income is accrued further. Profit is not included in this amount.

    WNEAR-USDT on Ref Finance

    The WNEAR-USDT pair was sent to the Ref Finance liquidity pool of $200. Rewards are transferred in REF, the exchange native tokens.

    Attention! The next week for the WNEAR-USDT pair will be the last in our show: the pair farming ends on November 2

    Instead, we suggest you vote for a new pair at one of the two suggested platforms. The link is at the end of the article.

    Ref Finance, Making Money On Crypto, Farming

    For 3 weeks, the profit, which is available to withdraw, was 1.28 REF

    The REF exchange rate has grown considerably since last week and is at $5.04 per 1 REF. Profit for 3 weeks in the dollar equivalent was $6.45

    NEAR also increased this week, which affected the total cost of the LP pair. Now it is about $225 (at the exchange rate) in farming compared to $210 last week.

    Cake on Pancake Swap

    Cake tokens were invested in Pancake Swap in the amount of $201.

    Pancake Swap, Making Money On Crypto, Farming

    For 3 weeks, the profit was 0.336 CAKE, which is available for withdrawal

    The CAKE rate continues to increase against the dollar and is 20.45$ today. Profit for 3 weeks in dollar equivalent is $6.88

    Total on the Pancake farming account is about $220, including profits, as income is automatically reinvested.

    ZOO on Zoo Game

    We continue to monitor the farming of the most unpredictable ZOO-BUSD pair. Initially sent to the Zoo Game liquidity pool about $200. It was promised 3,000% per annum at that time!

    Zoo Game, Making Money On Crypto, Farming

    In 3 weeks, the profit was 2.55 KEY, which is available for withdrawal

    The KEY exchange rate, the tokens in which rewards are earned on the platform, increased this week to $15.5 per 1 KEY.

    Farming profits continue to overtake income from the other platforms and for 3 weeks in the dollar equivalent is $39.59

    The ZOO rate increase boosted the value of the LP pair and now there is about $229 on the account, excluding profits.

    Third Week in Numbers

    For clarity, we will show all of the above on the graphs.

    As you can see from the IL graph, its size has changed insignificantly in 3 weeks. This means that it did not have a significant impact on the ratio of tokens in the LP pairs.

    New Farming Platforms: Tulip or SushiSwap

    Meet two farming platforms, on one of which we will invest $200 next week to replace Ref Finance.


    Tulip is a platform based on the Solana high-speed blockchain, which allows sending borrowed funds to farming. It operates on the Uniswap principle, which means it collects data from multiple platforms and allows potential investors to choose the best way to invest for themselves.

    Tulip, Making Money On Crypto, Farming

    The most profitable pairs on the Tulip platform provide up to 1,000% APY!


    SushiSwap is a fork of Uniswap with its native Sushi governance token. Token holders can participate in the platform governance by making proposals and voting for those they find useful for the development of the DeFi application.

    Making Money On Crypto, Farming, SushiSwap

    The yield on the platform varies over time. At the time of this article, the pair with the highest yield was promising about 300% APR.

    Dear FTH readers, choose which platform you think is more promising for farming: Tulip or SushiSwap — vote in our Telegram channel

    Next Friday, on October 29th, we will invest $200 in the farming platform of your choice by majority vote!


    The third week of the experiment showed an increase in the rates of all the currencies invested in farming. 

    For the entire period on the first three exchanges, the income from farming for each $200 invested — from $6 to $12, and Zoo Game continues to be far ahead of its competitors — $39. The lowest income from farming this week showed a USDT-WNEAR and CAKE token pair — about $6.

    There is a tendency: on the first three farming platforms, we have more profit from changes of invested currencies rates, rather than profit from farming. Investing $200 in crypto 3 weeks ago in different pairs, today we have from $213 on PancakeSwap to $244 on TON Swap, including profit from farming.

    But on the ZooGame platform, the situation is different: now the profit from farming exceeds earnings on the change in rates, $39 vs $29.

    Also, if we compare the values of the token amounts in dollars invested in farming, and the income brought from it, we can say that ZOO continues to bring the highest profit — about $269 — and the WETH-WTON pair — $256. CAKE token yields the least — $220.

    The third week became a record for the achieved income from farming, plus a pair exchange rate adjustment in farming: 22% profit! That is, having invested $800 three weeks ago, we have theoretically $977 now. The accurate numbers will be known when we start to withdraw tokens from farming.

    Next week, we will exclude the USDT-WNEAR pair from the farming and add a new one. 

    Two platforms options to choose from are offered above. Please vote!