Fri. Dec 31st, 2021
    Free TON House, Making Money On Crypto

    Two weeks have passed since the launch of our reality show “Making Money On Crypto. Test-drive”. We will share information about which platforms and invested tokens helped us to earn the most.

    The calculations do not include fees and slippage in the exchange, so the final profit may differ slightly.

    WTON-WETH on TON Swap

    The only pair where both variable exchange rate tokens are invested is WTON-WETH — on the TON Swap exchange. Initially, LP-tokens worth $200 were transferred to the exchange.

    For 2 weeks, the profit was 20.42 WTON.

    TON Swap has a 120-day vesting period. That’s why only 1.19 WTON from the profit we can immediately withdraw to our wallet, and 19.23 — remains on the exchange account until the end of the vesting period.

    The Crystal rate demonstrates stability and stays at the same level as last week — $0.359 per 1 TON. Profit in dollar equivalent was $7.33.

    Due to the change in the WETH exchange rate after 2 weeks, about $220 is on the account, which further accrues income on farming. Profit is not automatically reinvested, so earned money is not added to farming.

    WNEAR-USDT on Ref Finance

    The WNEAR-USDT pair was sent to the Ref Finance exchange liquidity pool in the amount of $200. Rewards are transferred in REF, the exchange native tokens.

    For 2 weeks, the profit, which is available for withdrawal at any time, was 0.81 REF.

    The REF exchange rate has fallen since last week and is at $3.71 per REF. Profit for 2 weeks in the dollar equivalent was $3.

    The drop in the NEAR rate also affected the total cost of the LP pair. It is now about $210 at the farming, compared to $215 last week.

    Cake on Pancake Swap

    Cake tokens were invested in Pancake Swap in the amount of $201.

    For 2 weeks the profit was 0.224 CAKE, which is available for withdrawal.

    The CAKE rate has slightly increased against the dollar and is $ 19.63. Profit for 2 weeks in the dollar equivalent — $4.4.

    Total on Pancake farming account is about $208.59, including profits, as income is automatically reinvested.

    ZOO on Zoo Game

    We continue to monitor the farming of the most unpredictable ZOO-BUSD pair. Initially sent to the Zoo Game liquidity pool about $200. It was promised 3,000% per annum at the time!

    For 2 weeks the profit was 1,737 KEY, which is available for withdrawal.

    The KEY exchange rate, the tokens in which rewards are credited on the platform, has dropped slightly to $13.72 per KEY.

    Farming profit continues to overtake income from the other platforms and for 2 weeks in the dollar equivalent is $23.82.

    The change in LP pair rates has resulted in about $210 on the account, excluding profit.

    The Second Week in Numbers

    For clarity, we will show all of the above in the graphs.

    As you can see from the IL graph, its size for 2 weeks has changed insignificantly. This means that it did not have a significant impact on the ratio of tokens in LP pair.

    By the way, the TON Swap exchange has added on its page a graph of changes in invested tokens over time.

    Now you can monitor TVL growth and farming speed online.


    Last week’s tendencies continue in the second week of the experiment.

    For 2 weeks, the first three exchanges income from farming for each $200 invested — from $3 to $7, and Zoo Game again ahead of the competition — 23$. The pair USDT-WNEAR still has the lowest income from farming — $3.

    Changes in cryptocurrency rates continue to give us more than theoretical profit. After investing $200 in crypto 2 weeks ago in different pairs, today we have from $204 on PancakeSwap to $220 on TON Swap, plus profit from farming.

    By analyzing the value of token amounts in dollars invested in farming + income generated from it, we can say that ZOO brings the biggest profit — about $234 — and the WETH-WTON pair — $227. CAKE token gives the least — $208 — but the income is automatically added to the invested amount.

    For two weeks, all pairs bring income, i.e. farming is break-even: we are in positive territory by 10%, if we count the amount on all accounts of exchanges, plus profit.

    At the start of the project, we promised to make changes to our basket with your active participation. Next week we will propose to eliminate one of the pairs and add something new. The decision will be made by voting. Options will be offered in the next episode of our reality show. Keep watching.

    Once a month we will add a new farming pair, which will be chosen with the active participation of our readers in the voting process on our Telegram channel.